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    It seemed interesting and highly relevant, therefore, I created a compilation from different sources with ten life principles of each of the twelve zodiac signs. I allowed myself to adjust and highlight the most suitable for each sign.
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    He is very sensitive, sees women not just as sex objects, but also as people. With him women feel young and beautiful; they seem to be in a complete safety. He usually does not tend to leave his women unhappy and resentful. In his lifetime he meets a lot of women in bed but not to collect trophies. A quantitative approach to sex is completely strange to him, but he is characterized by desire for absolute personal freedom, permanence and independence, as well as unwillingness to comply with generally accepted norms, with everything that goes under "routine".
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    There is no point in worshipping, stalking or taking her by force; she chooses a partner herself and only in solitude with a beloved one reveals her deepest feelings. She treats other men coldly; not everyone can adapt to her disorientation, expressions of passion and whims. Relationship with this woman requires a lot of patience.
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    That’s that, we live in century, when different speculation comes one after other. This film is exactly about that. A kind of continue of Den Braun roman “Da Vinci Code”. Film is separated in three parts, so we made our mind to share with some impressions and facts about every part individually.
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