European Space Expo exhibition in Ekspanade

European Space Expo exhibition in Ekspanade

For 30 from April until 10 May in Riga at Rain's monument erected a tent, igloo dome by anyone free of charge, which could come and get acquainted with the European Space Programme focuses on Earth.

At the entrance also met us dome tent with even less able to obtain information about the curious to know some of the centre of miracles and marked the exhibits. For example, relaxation chair, whose looks reminded him of a couple of years ago, visited Tallinn Medieval Torture Instruments Museum.

Families with children attracted the attention of the dome and active participation of organised ride – manuscript paper space rockets and launch the construction of Riga in the sky.

The European space exhibition opens inside the dome overhead improvised star-studded evening sky with satellites. Located at the centre of the planet to, the various cards, according to the touch screen with information – wind directions on Earth, the national administrative boundaries, the planet in different seasons, etc.

Around the perimeter of the twelve information station, where you can listen to or watch a video presentation about the draft European space policy and research, space technologies and the farm, airline flights to space, space and moving along roads, maps, Latvia and space exploration, energy, fishery and space, the aid in emergency situations from outer space, climate change, population and the planet's health, the European space programmes, Galileo and EGNOS. A word, the future of each member of society.

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