Home style: work-room

Home style: work-room

This time about work-room in house or appartment where, in my oppinion, we spend the bigest part of time. In our house definetly. :) Before we start with renovation and work-room improvement before couple of years, we define for ourselfs some criterion, which could be important to us.

For HIM it’s important :

·         Big table, so that everything, which could be necessary, would be there

·         Big window, but so that the Sun would not shine in the room and would not disturb to work with the computer

·         Comfortable chair, because time, which is spent on the computer, is veeeery big.

For ME it’s important:

·         Plenty of light – no heavy curtain or no curtain at all, but for the best – light, to glass tight, roller-blinds;

·         Opened book shelfs and document folder shelfs, capacious and easy over-looking;

·         Natural wood or its imitation, light, cheerful colors.

Our work-room we maded more following ourselfs not style magazines. Beside, we needed to consider the limited area and family budget. If the last two aspects were not the ruling, then probably we would carry out one of these versions.

home, style, work-room

In this version practicaly is everything we needed – plenty of light, comfortable chair, everything, which could be necessary, including phone, coffee cup, document shelf. I like that limited area is economized, putting in use the wide windowsill, accentuated with saturated lightly green.

home, style, work-room

This designe advantage – opened shelfs – original and functional. White and olive green good harmonized.

home, style, work-room

If everything in life was so ideal and white, but white not, why office chair on wheels could not be switched to one big sitting ball.

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