Don Giovanni on a cruise ship deck

Don Giovanni on a cruise ship deck

Quite soon in Latvian National opera Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart'sopera "Don Giovanni" is opening night. I had a chance to be in Latvian National opera and see this operas dress rehearsal. Prevalent feeling – good prepared and originally offered performance.

Don Giovanni, Latvian National opera, Mozart, opera  Don Giovanni, Latvian National opera, Mozart, opera

Exactly before visiting opera in Dienas appendix TV Izklaide I read interview with its director Andrejs Zagars, where became clear – why on operas stage exactly is cruise ships reproduction and what’s its connection with irresponsible jilts character Don Giovanni? So the ship is like society model with many-stage decks, namely, with different society layers. But the main reason, like director says – “… it was to create effective, live, passionate, emotional performance”. Then it seems – it’s fully successful!

Here wasn’t overdone mania with classical work modernizing, where usually disappears to classic typical bright, visual enjoyable details and delicacy.  Easy to follow the story, although performance creators were taken care for the stories written summary in the programs, even till every passengers biographical description. :) Modern Don Giovanni, which exactly seemed to be not just free-liver and cheater, but with inner contradiction and disturbance tortured man.

Don Giovanni, Latvian National opera, Mozart, opera

If we talk about Don Giovanni’s character itself, then, in my opinion, can open a discussion for couple of hours, calling as Molière work, as LorenzodaPonte libretto, as very many theatre performances and art movies. And in every of these works the protagonist is a little bit different, because he has vary many bad habits and adventures.

Don Giovanni, Latvian National opera, Mozart, opera

Stories about manipulation with other people probably always have attracted people, about their weak sides, relations, feeling and passions. I liked quote from article, where film director Mihaels Haneke characterized Don Giovanni’s character: “Life passion. unquenchable thirst for inaccessible. Games with high bits. Wants everything immediately. Very smart and talented, sexual aggressive, although for others he seems loyal and fascinating. He wants to subjugate. Everybody. Women, man, God, if it exist. Because In his ablaze love and life news – rapist.” You could say exact.

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