Types of men

Types of men

Just for fun I offer you to evaluate nine shades or nine types of men. Both men and women have the chance here to look at themselves more or less seriously, smile a bit but maybe think about it? ;)

men, perfect, types

1 The perfect one. A potential man from the head to the toes. Athletic stature, thoroughly muscled. Seems to be in a way proper - without any problems, with an apartment and a car. In real life does not exist because he`s the fantasy fruit of many men. If at home you notice such shade in a dim light, then don`t get too happy - it is not you but a poster from Men`s Health.

2 The narcissist.  Tall, curly-haired, a self-satisfied personality. A metrosexual or somebody who always pays too much attention to their looks. Movements and gestures elaborated to the smallest detail. Regularly has manicure and pedicure. Basically he doesn`t need women even though he prefers constantly confused, erubescent and unsafe women. Usually accountants, lawyers, cashiers jump at his bate - anyone who has a tendency to go through unfortunate love.

3 The lively one. Hedgehog hair, with an explicit Adam`s apple, sinewy arms and legs, restless, with little body hair. A gluttonous eater, participates in everything and everywhere. Is liked by massive women with dark eyes and pink lipstick. Likes women - mothers who are ready to take care of this type of men till the end of time, feed him with homemade cutlets and mashed potatoes.

men, perfect, types

4 The brave mediocrity. Smooth in all of his body parts, nothing bulges out anywhere. There`s nothing special about his character, as if he hadn`t any bottlenecks. Thrifty, does not demand anything from himself or anything else in life. Eye colour - indefinable. Likes women of average height and age.

5 The perfect one no. 2Slim, sporty, but without the exaggeration of muscles. Relief body shape, masculine hands. Brown hair and pale blue eyes. Has good moves both at dancing and in bed. Suits to almost any woman and is usually common on the large cinema screens.

6 The brutal one. Massive and slow, with an incorrect bite, low-browed and with a lot of body hair. An explicit grabbing reflex. Taciturn, not very sociable. Always reeks of leather jackets. Does not discriminate among women; anyone who is within reach is O.K.

men, perfect, types

7 The gaunt one. Looks like a scoliosis patient, chest sunken, thin haired with dandruffs and acne. Usually wears massive clothing that never really suits him. A reliable and responsive person. Does not take too much space. Pretty useful for women with an active life position but without higher education. Indispensable in gardening.

8 The slow one. Bald, with a large beer belly. Fun nature. Likes to sing for hours but rather wryly. Constantly sweaty. Know a lot of obscene jokes. Likes to pinch women`s bottoms. Quickly hooks up with "pike-typed' women - sharp teeth, a small and very thin nose and narrow eyebrows. They grow flowers, cats, keen on feng shui, unquenchable in bed.

9 The villain. Shaped as the letter "S", wears a knitted cap and tight straight trousers. Bites his nails and has gained a lot of minor injuries in various ways. Self-preservation instinct - minimal, aggressive. Uses the latest type of mobile phones. The ideal woman - a "board" whom he adheres to and does not leave to the edge of the grave.

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