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    Returning home from the concert, we concluded that the camera's memory stored in the 1500 shots. We had to take some time to select any of the best and the best of the best. Girls' costumes and graceful postures beat each other, but now judge yourself, and judge them below in the attached photo gallery.
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    Concert consisted of 17 dance performances. Multiple flamenco styles were performed by girls from Flamenco club Duende – tangos, seguiras, tientos, alegrias, tanguillo, caracoles, guajiras, rumba and sevillanas. Guest dancer Sofia rejoiced us with farruka and Anda with modern improvisation. Alternating the Spanish rhythms, visitors were able to enjoy Argantine tango and supple pair dance performed by Karlis and Dace, Aigars and Ginta.
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    Flamenco group „Nuevo Ballet Espanol” visited Latvia repeatedly in 16 International Baltic ballet festival case. In 17 April in RigasKongresu house hall was sanged with sonorous Spain rhythms. Energy flowed from every dancers movement, music of flamenco and singing performance. Strong vitality wave encircled every auditor, who with every performance with clapping and ecstasy shouts very careful watched the performance.
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    I want to share my positive experience in ordering flamenco dance skirts from Spain. As a result, I saved both my time and resources and within a month received a coveted property. On February 9, on web site I ordered dance skirts and on March 10 I received notices from the Latvian Post Office that I could go receive my parcel.
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    Pizzica is a compelling, highly rhythmic and "catchy" Italian music and dance.Initially the dance was like a flirtation between an unknown man and a woman, but latter grew into a dance rivalry between two women. Surfing the web and reading the dance descriptions, it turned out that this short fragment of the movie very well reflected the essence of the dance.
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    Almost in theater “Artelis" on Monday evening, or at 19:00 on 22 November in collaboration with flamenco dance clubs" Duende "was held flamenco evening, which conditionally consisted of two parts. First of all, Carlos showed the narrow film "Iberia". After that performed artists of flamenco - dancer Marianna Verdecia, and guitarist and singer Agustin de Cantarote. Before that, they gave three days of master classes to "Duende" dancers.
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    If we look at the family tree of flamenco, tangos originates mainly from the branch of the Gypsy musical tree (see chart below). This explains the sharp, emphasized movements, a shrill sound and the focus of the performance on the rhythm, not on the melodiousness of the sound. Singing or dancing usually begins with clapping hands according to the rhythm mentioned above and lasts the entire performance, emphasizing the moments of the culmination and anticlimax.
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    From August 26 to 29 annual summer camp organised by flamenco dance studio "DUENDE" took place in Zvejniekciems, with the opportunity to meet all the dancers from the studio in one place and learn from guest artists - flamenco teachers from Spain. I used the opportunity to attend two days of compa classes taught by percussionist Andrej Vujicic, as well as tangos and algeria dance techniques taught by flamenco dancer Francesca Grimm. Latvian dancers were joined by Lithuanian dancers at the training.
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    For the third summer already we visited Madona where an Exotic dance festival took place in the premises of the recreation centre on July 31. A big thank you to Sandra from "Mantigra" for the enthusiasm to organize such events. I must say that each year the event becomes more organized, diversified and attended. In addition to traditional belly dance choreography as oriental, saidi, tribal original pieces and different mixtures of styles were performed. Several gypsy dances and improvisation with Spanish, Moroccan, Brazilian, Indian dance styles.
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    Yesterday at the Riga Independent Theatre "Skatuve" the annual concert of the end of school year of the flamenco dance studio "Duende" took place. A variety of flamenco dance styles were presented on the stage - tangos, farrukas, sevillanas, alegrias, tanguillo, bulerias. In addition, the performance was so magnificent not only because of the colourful costumes, a good dance technique and the emotional sensations of the dancers but also a variety of dance attributes - castanets, fans, caps.
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    Yesterday, 14th of March, music and dance plasticity intertwined in an hour-long performance in the Small Hall of Daile Theatre. The concert consisted of two parts - in the first part one was able to listen to four song of the band 'Martin Confused" but in the second - watch nine dancers performing "LOVE" with the choreography of Liga Liberte. The latter was an attempt to show love in its most noble, most divine expression. In the application of the show love was not discussed as something between two people, a woman and a man, but as the love for God, for the divine within us - "Love is art... art is beauty... beauty is the true journey of the soul... journey of the soul is the truth... truth is what we believe in, belief .... I believe in love...”
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    Sevillanas is the first flamenco dance style which I started to learn in Spanish dance studio "Duende". Of course, you have to start with the most basic moves, acquire the posture, hand movements, counting of the rhythm and then the steps. The classes are organized in small groups; thus it is easy for our dance teacher Ilvija to pay attention to everyone individually, correct mistakes and follow the performance. The hour scheduled for each class passes by unnoticed. Now something more about sevillanas itself.
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    Italiandirectors Ettore Scola's film "Le Bal" (1983), in which in the Paris dance hall is survived through 50 years of French history from the late 30th to 80s. In addition, changing the message, scenery and events there aren’t spoken no words, no name. Everything’s expressedin actors’ movements, facial expressions, eye gaze and dance.
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    On Thursday, August 10, I attended the open class of the exotic dance centre Alegria which took place at the Centre of Young Technicians on E. Birznieka Upīša 4. The manager of the centre Ilze Zariņa introduced us to four types of dancing that can be learnt by the teachers of Alegria - belly dances, Indian dances, flamenco and Gypsy dances. There were performances of the teachers illustrating each of the dance types.
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    For the second time already the Exotic Dance Festival took place in the recreation centre of Madona, this time on August 8. The concert consisted of the achievements of modern belly dancing together with some show elements as haligi, saidi and oriental. Sharma had taken care of including Hawaiian dance style into the program. However, compared to last year, there was some sense of uniformity, a lack of Indian dances, tribal dance, Andalusian dance rhythms.
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    I associate tango with a rather intimate interplay of bodies. Body-wise, not spiritually. A dance that can be danced on the street, on the pavement, next to a cafeteria, next to a gutter, for curious eyes, despite oneself, a partner or someone who`s watching.
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    "Feria de Abril" - Spring Festival that is annually celebrated in a southern province of Spain - Andalucia. This festival is especially popular in Seville, where flamenco parties last for days and everyone`s dancing sevilliana. Also the traditional bull fights and horse-trading takes place there. Spanish culture in its most popular forms - hot-blooded music, flamenco dancing, sincere discussions.
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    Syrtaki (συρτάκι) is considered an integral part of Greek symbolic and believed to be a Greek folk dance. Although this dance nowadays is willingly danced in Greece, it turns out, that there is a mistaken belief about its origins.
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    Flamenco - a mixture of traditional Spanish dance and music that can be found in more than 50 different stylistic derivatives. Flamenco is usually performed accompanied by a guitar and percussion, the rhythm is emphasised also by clapping of hands or palms and castanets.
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    Dance as a physical activity, also as a developer of posture, balance and movements, as well as the creator of bodily freedom, relaxation, inner and outer peace. Many women have chosen them to keep themselves and their body in shape. Belly dancing is not a partner dance. It is one more aspect for a woman of any age, any profession, married or unmarried, despite her body proportions, could freely surrender to the dance, develop her body.
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