Riga city celebration 2011

Riga city celebration 2011

Riga just celebrated its 810 birthday witch concerts, fairs, knight tournament, retro cars debts, salsa marathon, regatta, pilot demonstrations and many other interesting for visitors happenings. It seems, that the celebration culmination wasn’t fireworks, as it was for many years, but key of Riga city teeming, for 52 763 other keys.

I was surprised by the craftsman fair in Vermandarzs. What they think and made!? Just for 1Ls can buy willing toy, which is made from flour in balloon, and it can be in different form. Then to other man I found out that hobgoblin and house peace can be white porcelain rabbit. And further on colorful earthen mugs can read different funny sayings like “don’t be a pig and wash your mug”, “don’t touch bosses mug” etc.

In Doma square on stage could see with interest dervish whirl bouts. Furthermore in city quiet center or in Alberta Street, everybody were able to go back 100 years and see that time fashion, dance and be able to take a part in some sideshows and sales.

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