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    We went to New art museum of Pärnu, which was interesting to me before, when I found it in the Internet, there’s every summer happening – international exhibition “Man and woman”. This year it was already 18 this like exhibition with title “Man, woman and electricity”, where with their works were 39 artists from Estonia, France,Denmark, Sweden, USA, Chile, Finland and Belgium.
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    In the imagination of Libra,natural selection has maximal nature. To him falls into the eyes a woman, he becomes familiar with her and would prefer to immediately thought with him in bed, but experience tells him that kind of behavior support, very few women. Compared with the other zodiac signs born men, in bed he is primitive, but his quantitative abilities in favorable circumstances, are quite surprising.
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    His sexuality development usually is late, sex he starts pretty late. In youth, usually he thinks that girls are no-touching mumbo-jumbo. It happens, that for the first sex partner he chooses her wife and that, till wedding he didn’t know his sexual potency, wishes. He has tendency to admire his partner too much and judge her good characters too high, because chances to compare, aren’t enough.
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    Like Taurus, he very good knows his value. Taurus likes women, and he tries to make contact with them, but Cancer doesn’t love women, he thinks, that women are those, who needs to tend for his benevolence. Very much energy he sacrifices for other targets. He needs to be the best in every sphere he begins to do something.
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    Life experience doesn’t, especially in sensitive impression sphere, affect his sexuality progress. He is unmendable romantic, in different life periods his fantasy creates different images, which are not real. Usually this male doesn’t feel rough passion, he’s pleased with any kind of love phase, afterwards he very quickly falls asleep.
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    He is very sensitive, sees women not just as sex objects, but also as people. With him women feel young and beautiful; they seem to be in a complete safety. He usually does not tend to leave his women unhappy and resentful. In his lifetime he meets a lot of women in bed but not to collect trophies. A quantitative approach to sex is completely strange to him, but he is characterized by desire for absolute personal freedom, permanence and independence, as well as unwillingness to comply with generally accepted norms, with everything that goes under "routine".
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    Turns out that to answer this question tried some advertising campaign creators. Advertisement was provided to popularize Italian brand Meltin’ Pot, its motive is “I dream. I am.” Let’s look on some advertisements!
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