Man horoscope – Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Man horoscope – Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

His sexuality development usually is late, sex he starts pretty late. In youth, usually he thinks that girls are no-touching mumbo-jumbo. It happens, that for the first sex partner he chooses her wife and that, till wedding he didn’t know his sexual potency, wishes. He has tendency to admire his partner too much and judge her good characters too high, because chances to compare, aren’t enough. He could be loyal husband and good father, but his compliancy and attachment, usually ends with fail, because many woman from man expects everything else, not her person idealization and self-sacrifice.

horoscope, man, Virgo

Being composed and delicate, full of enthusiasm and not practical, he steps over marriage borders so late, as late he meets his first woman. It happens, that in 40 years, he just starts to understand his biological mission, although, his friends this mission was understandable in school years. From this moments his life can continue in two ways: in first, he understands sex meaning to himself, understands, that his youth idealism was just self-lying, and getting older, when his peers, one after another, gets rid of sex, he just opposite starts it and continues it for long, without age permission. But it could happen, that he, not looking on his not-daily temperament, can’t refuse from different prohibitions and prejudices; in this way, he will wait fail and regret about misspend youth.

Popular Virgo:

horoscope, man, Virgo  horoscope, man, Virgo  horoscope, man, Virgo
Colin Firth (10.09.)                             Sean Connery (25.08.)                                            Jason Priestley (28.08.)

horoscope, man, Virgo  horoscope, man, Virgo  horoscope, man, Virgo

Charlie Sheen (03.09.)                        Keanu Reeves (02.09.)                             Hugh Grant (09.09.)

horoscope, man, Virgo  horoscope, man, Virgo  horoscope, man, Virgo

Sam Neill (14.09.)                    Jeremy Irons (19.09.)                               Tommy Lee Jones (15.09.)

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