• Created: 2011-06-06 19:42, Views: 69190
    Continuing theme about human body proportions, this time I’ll focus on details – finger and nail characterization. Although it all needs to be viewed together – both form, and flexibility, and color, and scanning, and proportion, primary several standard observations about finger types.
  • Created: 2011-05-21 21:16, Views: 11360
    Arranging my old notes, I found my old hobby – human body proportion researches and how they reflect humans inner-world, character, tendencies, shows heredity and progress chances.
  • Created: 2010-09-14 19:50, Views: 1501
    Everybody knows the old saying - old habits die hard. Is it good or bad to surrender to daily habits or should they be changed from time to time? I was inspired by a man in a tram or rather his habit to write about this subject. Every morning for the last two months (at least as much as I managed to observe) he gets on the second wagon of the tram and always sits down at the corner seat of the third row of the right side placing his backpack next to him.
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