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  • Created: 2013-09-25 21:26, Views: 2335
    More and more often information space appears in the cases where one reason or another, payment by bank card or the mere fact that a user belongs to a bank card, could lead to any of the only surprise. Although on the basis of common sense and on the basis of the bank advertising, has formed the notion that the payment by bank card is secure, in fact, as evidenced by recent events, is a very real possibility of being without money.
  • Created: 2011-09-28 00:14, Views: 11133
    Carded wool is grateful material, like clay or any other plastic material to create lovely toys by any form. This time I will make hefty rabbit using dry felting technique with a purpose I will describe in next articles in order to keep little intrigue.
  • Created: 2011-08-19 19:36, Views: 2432
    Book story is built on Media look on her lived life, which is full of loneliness and pain. It seems, that she choose this not so simply way to live it, because life, which in youth were ready to provide her parents, could be simple and easy.
  • Created: 2011-08-01 20:34, Views: 3887
    Recently I read in Latvian language Catalonian artist, surrealist Salvador Dali single novel „Hidden faces” (2011). When you’re interested in art and literature it’s unavoidable, because like author himself says in the first sentence: „Every, earlier or later, fatally will face me.”
  • Created: 2011-07-17 15:44, Views: 1752
    I was talked by, yesterday seen Emilio Estevez feature film „The Way” (2010), in which base is story about a man, which has lost his son and in his place gets in pilgrimage on Santiago road from France to Spain NW city Santiago de compostela, where rest St. Jacob dust. Santiago road is longer than 800 km (for compare, as from Riga to Moscow 920 km, from Riga to Berlin 980 km), is gone by feet, and it is for every person individual exploring or forgiving, or dedication road.
  • Created: 2011-06-29 13:39, Views: 5065
    Before a year, when I bought this Radislavs Gandapass book, it didn’t even come in my mind, that this year I’ll have the happiness to be in his training classes in Moscow. At that time I was spoken by this book’s subtitle “Ten chapters about that, how to get and give maximal joy and pleasure, performing in public”, now fascinated authors ability to keep auditory attention for all day in maximal interest as with useful advices.
  • Created: 2011-06-20 22:08, Views: 751
    People can or can’t be not just smart, but brave/shy, orderly/disorderly, snug/careless, punctual/distracted and endued with other characteristics. Even if how we wanted, that you were judged as a human, but exactly like a human you are judged. You’re not judged by your knowledge, education, outfit or communication skills, but all is summed up.
  • Created: 2011-06-17 23:29, Views: 1683
    We want to read books, when it’s little bit sad and lonely. There begins conversation with authors made characters, conversation with an angel and a demon in yourself. The second verity is that we really don’t choose the books, but they choose us. The real book come like a sign, like answer on your questions, they come in the right time, when you can give to it enough attention.
  • Created: 2011-06-06 19:42, Views: 69034
    Continuing theme about human body proportions, this time I’ll focus on details – finger and nail characterization. Although it all needs to be viewed together – both form, and flexibility, and color, and scanning, and proportion, primary several standard observations about finger types.
  • Created: 2011-05-21 21:16, Views: 11314
    Arranging my old notes, I found my old hobby – human body proportion researches and how they reflect humans inner-world, character, tendencies, shows heredity and progress chances.
  • Created: 2011-04-16 00:43, Views: 0
    The thought to lift the 33 year number bustled in my mind already before one year, but I would not pull the destinies moustache. For all that in all Christian world there’s a percept about Jesu age and known breaking point in every human life.
  • Created: 2011-04-06 22:02, Views: 1503
    This is the thing where you can express yourself and use your imagination. Initially you have to buy many different types of tiny elements - stones, ceramic, glass, wood or metal pearls, safety pins etc. and then they can be successfully combined. Here I will show you an example of how to make three different types of earrings.
  • Created: 2011-04-03 14:23, Views: 4415
    I must say that I am no fan of fortune tellers, cartomancy and prophets but I do believe that star position, place and time as well as zodiac sign (equally to temperament) can completely influence a person`s life and bring out or suppress some character traits.
  • Created: 2011-03-31 21:44, Views: 4620
    When news of the passing of this great woman and actress spread around the world media, it seemed that everyone knew who she was. Her legend has grown up together with the Hollywood film traditions. For many years she has been both on the cover of glossy magazines and tabloids. Why not - always young, extravagant with eight marriages on her hands.
  • Created: 2011-02-19 22:01, Views: 2108
    This time I make labels or decorative cards with a worn effect. An interesting accent to gifts, as well as practically usable for jam jars, spice and tea keeping containers.
  • Created: 2011-02-07 21:00, Views: 0
    One day we talked about how automobile choice characterizes its owner. I thought about my acquaintances, friends and family and about their vehicles, it came to make something like short every automobile brand owners typological description. I need to tell you at once, that we don’t claim to be something like scientific result summary, but just on subjective observations. And exceptions exist always.
  • Created: 2011-01-24 22:41, Views: 0
    The concept of happiness is well known as in philosophy, as psychology, as etic. Happiness is looked as constant humans psychological state, as moment euphoria, gleam. Yesterday I watched documental film, where the happiness constant was analyzed in country, nation meaning.
  • Created: 2011-01-21 17:42, Views: 1079
    The first ones to have used popcorn or small kernels of corn that burst when exposed to heat in their diets were American Indians. Later this "disease" spread throughout America and came to Europe. Since 1912 popcorn is sold in cinemas and is now an integral part of it. Given the fact that popcorn is a grain, similar to breakfast cereal, it could be a nutritional component of a sustained diet if it wasn`t salted or artificially sweetened.
  • Created: 2011-01-16 11:41, Views: 3063
    It is true that penguins are interesting birds which are popular among advertisers due to their gawkiness, amusing motions and curious nature. Penguins have been drawn and animated a lot but the most interesting advertisements are those, of course, where live penguins are filmed. Here I have put together 14 TV ads of different companies.
  • Created: 2011-01-15 18:46, Views: 0
    One more idea for the Valentine’s Day. This time easy-to-make, always fresh, but sweet blossoms. Very versatile gift for somebody, you want to give a little sweet and joy.
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