A habit

A habit

Everybody knows the old saying - old habits die hard? Is it good or bad to surrender to daily habits or should they be changed from time to time?

habit, human, philosophy I was inspired by a man in a tram or rather his habit to write about this subject. Every morning for the last two months (at least as much as I managed to observe) he gets on the second wagon of the tram and always sits down at the corner seat of the third row of the right side placing his backpack next to him.

German philosopher  Wilhelm Schmidt shares his thoughts on this subject in his essay "Living in Habit". "A habit.. is actually an escape from decision making which we would have to otherwise do. Because a great part of life flows away without any consideration, forces are released to enable us to intensively occupy ourselves with the unusual. [..] Actually cosiness is living in habit. In order to settle in life it is impossible to give up habits. Partly usual they would become considerable and loosened to implement restructurisation".

That was recently read, but, talking about habits, I have shared feelings - one is, of course, the cosiness caused by habits and mentioned by Schmidt; second - the stoppage, the lack of movement and stagnation at the current time and situation that frightens me and makes me break my habits.

The question remains - what are the good and the bad sides of a habit? How subjected to a habit are you?

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