• Created: 2011-07-04 21:50, Views: 927
    Summer solstice wonderfulness, as it could be, associates with being in nature, in countryside, far from city hurry, noise, hurry. Going on white, graveled countryside road, finally get your eyes up on blue-white sky, hear bird songs, take a deep meadow flower aroma breath, and feel, that with your body is taking a rest your soul too.
  • Created: 2011-04-03 18:50, Views: 0
    Stop for a moment, you're beautiful! Iinuu Appropriated and In Photos immortalized scenes.
  • Created: 2011-01-01 14:24, Views: 1233
    A traditional walk with camera in hand through the Old Town and the streets of the city centre in the evening of December 31. This year I caught the feeling of New Year from white mulled wine and a caramelized apple in Dome Square.
  • Created: 2010-12-10 20:28, Views: 3750
    While manufacturers of the digital cameras are fighting for megapixels, offering 5,7, 12 and even more megapix resolutions, skeptics are in doubt whether such high resolution images are needed. In order to make gigapixel image, technologically minded people produced following experiment – made series of hight resolution images by changing only optical zoom
  • Created: 2010-05-08 22:55, Views: 4818
    I am a spring child and therefore, April, May seem the most beautiful months, when the earth wakes up and starts blooming. Talking about blooming - where else is the flower celebrated and respected so much as in Holland. The rapturous stories about the huge tulip plantations were really justified when I saw the sent pictures.
  • Created: 2010-01-25 18:45, Views: 981
    This year the winter has been great. I must say that winter is not my favourite season; the coldness does not inspire me to do any physical activities. Looking at it all through a prism of optimism, Latvia is fortunate that here you can enjoy the whole four seasons in all their glory. Below, a photo gallery, which was created in a couple of walks here in Riga with a Nikon D200 in my hand.
  • Created: 2010-01-01 14:01, Views: 1197
    Yesterday, e.g., last year we wandered around the city centre a few hours till New Year to enjoy the media renoned 480 thousand lats worth of decorative lighting. Beautiful!
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