Some details on payments by bank cards

Some details on payments by bank cards

More and more often information space appears in the cases where one reason or another, payment by bank card or the mere fact that a user belongs to a bank card, could lead to any of the only surprise. Although on the basis of common sense and on the basis of the bank advertising, has formed the notion that the payment by bank card is secure, in fact, as evidenced by recent events, is a very real possibility of being without money.

Suppose that the average Latvian map a user is a person who in one bank is one account (salaries), who tied one card. Cumulative cash is that enough from salary to salary.


The store does not accept payment card. Either does not give you the option of making payments by bank card, or due to technical problems can't pay by card, or does not accept any particular or specific bank cards (For example, 2013 Act of 27 July shop prism could not be settled directly with Swedbank MasterCard). Globally, cases when the "technical reasons" cannot be settled by bank card is rare, but as a pest, it takes place at the moment the gone through a long queue outside a cash, are placed in front of such fact.

Paying by card, payment amount is norezervēta double [2]. Also, most times when connection error occurred and the seller unsure about the status of requests for payment. In these cases, the situation will resolve by contacting the seller. Another story, if the seller is abroad and it was a small shop, whose address is not even possible to find on the Internet. Anyway, after a certain time, maybe even a month, the money is deducted. It would be admissible, unless unduly reserved amount is not the last means of subsistence.

When making payment, such as Riga Traffic parking lot is reserved 7 LVL. Reserved amount is returned to the next day, but if 7 LVL is the only money in your account, then I'm sorry, I'll eat lunch tomorrow. In addition, the Riga Traffic apparatus norezervēs so much by 7 LVL, how many times you try to start the service. If the attempt to initiate the service ended with an error message will be reserved for LCY 7. In addition, the reservation time "by the end of the day," is a relative time period and subject to the bank, and in theory, can take several days or weeks. [4]

Automatic payments [3]. On the one hand easy on the other hand one of those types of settlement, which could be a surprise. The service point is this: in return for payment internet site, somewhere in that box that you have gone unnoticed by the service (they're mostly services) rather than buy, but you have subscribed to. Payment shall be based on the distance contract, which makes "no contact” following a legal settlement. After a month or year, when the service could be forgotten. In such cases, the only one which can be relied on - the trader’ s honesty and goodwill. The bank won't help anything, they will point to the card usage instruction that says that the bank is responsible for nothing. There will be able to save the 3D Secure, which at least Swedbank superdroša advertisements was presented as the current feature.

3D Secure. Record settlement mechanism, which at settlement with bank card asks you to confirm the transaction by entering a previously set password. What bank investors that this password will be requested only if the trader’ s system 3D Secure support. If it doesn't, it will be enough for the settlement of card number and CVV KODU. Consequently, from the moment when the card was lost or stolen until cardholder sees it and be blocked by telephone, all payments will be deemed to have been legal. Don't expect card lock service will be able to reach the first time.

Not too distant past dealings with bank cards, as it happened, the map was drawn in the card reader and business cardholders confirmed with signature on it. So this is described here [1] the recent event shows that (bankas-prāt) transaction may also occur without a signature on cheques. In such cases, the unauthorized use of the card should be referred to law enforcement authorities. Of course, everything becomes more complicated than that, if the transaction happened somewhere abroad, but to return cash shortage observed in Latvia.

Hence the knowledge:

As the bank to try to tell how many dealings with bank cards are safe, cash can avoid the unpleasant moments when the card to pay is not possible or at least secure the livelihoods of the "technical reasons" with the card are not present for their money.

No matter how expensive and longest bank customer you should (at least in your mind), Bank of Latvia very reluctant to come back and deal with cases related to errors in card payments. One simple reason, even if you'd better be right, the bank for its failure to act, nothing will remain, as well as how the baskets - and very demotivē iespringt kaukto deal with.

Transactions by bank card there is a risk component (īstermiņa-ilgtermiņa, atgriezeniski-neatgriezeniski). From the financial planning point of view of one "risk" should not allocate all available means.

Other examples:

Sweden fuel self-service station apparatus "ate" 100, but did not Kronas fuel. There was enough to call the support phone and call your bank account. And only after the case was investigated by the trader about which of course informed the buyer.

The German citizen when making payment internet site, which does not support 3D Secure, a bank (rather than the Master or Visa.) sent a message that asks you to approve the deal.


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