Why do we watch horror movies?

Why do we watch horror movies?

Horrorfilms - a genre that thoroughly titillate nerve endings. Sometimes we want to close our eyes, or crawl under the covers, but then again after a moment confined to the TV screen. Paradox - scared, but watching. Where then lies the horror film "Salt"? Why do we like to watch horror movies?

Asked thisquestion in a forum site. Basically, the defendants were women and almost all answered negative, as one commented on the horror films - not watching them,are afraid to, enough for negations in real life, etc.. The few men claimed the opposite - yes, that was their genre, a fascinating, true. I must say, very stereotyped answers - women showed a weak gender roles, men were the opposite. Unfortunately, none of them really answered, where is the groove to watch this movie genre.

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Thinking aboutthis question, can not bypass the same concept of fear. I will try to create a conditional horror film classification (I don’t claim to its completeness, but still) - from what are we really scared of and do the directors put in the basis for movies?

The fear ofthe beyond residents- the dead, ghosts, zombies, vampires, etc. creeps. It is interesting that even close people we love and foundle to our heart, without any discomfort, but when they die, then they  immediately becomes strangerers. What we really desire, what do we  love - body, spirit, soul, mind? Ourselfs in other person? By the second other person does not meet our reflection, we immediately repel them, it becomes unfamiliar and leads to a chilling fear. We weep at the grave and at the moment we are ready to give up everything to return a loved one. But, if returned in the form of, say after those 40 days, is unlikely we would be happy to see him.

Fear from death, from pain.The logical conclusion follows, each creap can harm us,kill or cause unbearable pain. Why? Because he is an alien, evil, and in films set apish, ugly, rotten and otherwise revolting. Who wants to die? In addition, self-preservation instinct  gets of a signal for muscle-tenths of seconds in time and we run away.

Fear fromabandonment.Remember your dream (definetly each of us had had this dream ) - you find yourself in abandoned room, a room, in city and there’s no live soul around, or people are asleep or are stiff and how you try to, you can’t awake them? Feeling of horror and desolation comes over each member. But if to this empty world comes a stranger?!

The fear of an incurable disease virus.Somewhere relates to fear of death, but is has specific nature, because the period is longer and tormenting. You are no longer a full-fledged, all are away from you, and you are outcast from society, from a company of the family. Now you are stranger, crippled, and ugly. Particularly painful to experience this fear is for people who feel surrounding views and assessment extremely important. Although, who wants to look ugly and helpless? We all fear (consciously or unconsciously) from the aging of facial skin velvety becomes with ugly wrinkles.

The fear from aliens.This fear, in my opinion, is not natural, but the company actively cultivated and developed over the past two centuries. If modern human consciousness should be cleaned from the stereotypes, then the only sense would be a very strong curiosity. Fiction and horror movies have looked after the aliens related to the negative power of intrusion. They are potential pain, sickness, death carrier for mankind.

Fear fromtechnology - robots, computers with exceptionally advanced artificial intelligence, cyborg, etc.. If not-live and man-made rises up against their creators? In non-live things dwells spirit, and for horror films typical, of course, evil spirit.

Fear from the devil- the devil, iodine, Satan, fallen angel, etc. A strong Christian influence. Horror movies teem teeming with stories in which the church, Cross, priest and bright angel are fighting the evil. Very grateful to the option, because most people belong to some religion, and firmly believe in the existence of good and evil and the fight between them. In addition, religion is spent by many different characters, stereotyped notions, generally images of saints and heroes.

Fear of people who possess supernatural power. Can’t really understand what it really is, fear or envy. Already for a long time people been counted as wizards and witches, those who were smarter, more capable, gifted, talented and more capable than others. This can lead to extensive hatred. How many witches are burned to red? How many geniuses blackened, that his inventions do not come into the world?

Apparently,it is possible to dig and find another one expressed any individual or inherent fear - from a closed space, from spiders, from the blood and so on. But, to either remain in, look at the most popular means of expression in horror films. Which must necessarily be? Darkness or twilight, mist, which really let see. Location - The cemetery, abandoned building, marsh, forest. Elements - blood, knives, axes, sharp fragments, chips (anything that can injure or kill), charms, shadow, irregular or otherwise annoying rhythmic flashing pale blue artificial lighting. Music - minor, with a sudden push and calming, known repetitive, leading, and fatality, high tones, which creates tension, disonances.

Whatthen attractx to the screen? Opportunity to observe and control the horror away. Up to survive, but not to participate. To get some adrenaline rush when the heart leapt in fear. Perhaps to satisfy their sadism Masochism complex?

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