Reality Transurfing

Reality Transurfing

balance, book, energy, idea, mind, reality, theory, transurfing, Vadim Zeland Many of us have reasoned about why things happen the way they do and not differently.  What is karma? Can a person himself influence their own destiny? These are philosophical questions that sooner and later lead to religion. Religion is a powerful tool that has been given to the human mind. A tool that can mobilize energy to achieve a particular goal. A tool that enables both real and fictional events to coexist.

Vadim Zeland`s theory about reality transurfing is a part from the previously mentioned.  The theory is not based on disproving the fundamental concepts and consolidating the new ones. The author describes his own views on different life situations and events. Very concrete examples from real life are used. Of course, this is one of the theories on the subject - how does the world function. But it is also one of the theories, which I enjoyed very much and want to share my conclusions with you, the reader of this blog.

The key idea of Transurfing

The reality is a stage where a particular activity takes place at a given point of time. The stage has attributes, decorations that characterize the event. The life flow or the show has its own scenario. The change of the scenario or reality transurfing (a sequential replacement) is not chaotic, but is connected with the previous reality. The development of the scenario is determined by energy (probably, cosmic energy). And a person is able to add a direction to this energy. Thus being able to obtain one scenario or the other - reality transurfing.

According to the author, the realities are predefined and stored somewhere. It is a huge repository of realities, and that, what is stored in our consciousness (unconsciousness?), are indications to a particular reality in the field of realities. A person has the freedom to choose their next reality. Good question - how? Easy. Learning the art of controlling the energy.

Balance is the key to controlling energy. For example, the insistent desire - I want a large white house, will create excess energy that Mother Nature will convert into an energetic direction with a minus. Without allocation of energy (e.g., without starting to get sad, stress out prematurely), the excess energy is not created and the conditions for the imagined (not required) reality to come true are favourable. And this is not it :). To give a direction to the scenario, it is important to vividly visualize the imagined reality. And to return to this visualization as often as possible. Visualizing it in such a way that the imagined thing already belongs to you, you can feel it and touch it.

The author does not promize miracles. He also does not guarantee that the visualization will occur after a specific time. But - will occur. Because visualization gives an energetic direction and the realities will change in a sequence that will lead to the imaginary target.

Some of my thoughts

  • The idea of the vast database of realities makes it easy to explain why we can`t very well remember the looks and components of a person or a thing being awake, but in our dreams we see it clearly and in details.
  • It becomes clear how one can see the future.
  • Thus we can easily explain why in a dreams we experience completely unrealistic events in such a way that they have actually happened. We can talk to unrealistic or even dead people.
  • Reaching an imaginary reality (a large white house) you must be prepared, that as a result you will not only get a house but the reality will change so far that for a moment you will be a completely different person - you will do a different job, maybe even live in a different place, talk with different people. You must understand the reality transurfing is not one reality`s change to another. It is a chain of sequential realities.


I have not read the book, but I've listened to the audio version. What I believe is that any person can become a millionaire if they reality want to and are ready for it (see statement 4). After understanding this theory I got bored by books with the idea - "how to become a millionaire" because of two small reasons. The process of getting a million is very long and individual. Very often authors of similar books decide to show only a few realities that are advantageous for themselves, consciously or unconsciously hiding the rest. It is a big process of reality transurfing where every small event is important. Secondly - I disapprove of life`s recipes (if you want to be smart, you must do this, this and this).

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