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    We went to New art museum of Pärnu, which was interesting to me before, when I found it in the Internet, there’s every summer happening – international exhibition “Man and woman”. This year it was already 18 this like exhibition with title “Man, woman and electricity”, where with their works were 39 artists from Estonia, France,Denmark, Sweden, USA, Chile, Finland and Belgium.
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    There was a though to settle down in Estonia west seashore with look on a sea, so that when you open your eyes for the first time in the morning, could see a sea. In the Internet I found a place with name “astronautics” (near lived place Jaagupi, nearest city – Häädemeeste). Reading the description, in soviet times it was known like legendary rest place „Vzmorje”, where rested well known scientists and astronauts, and first woman-astronaut Valentine Tereskova. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
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    To be honest, the main reason, why we went to Tartu, was because to visit the science center AHAA. This place was found in widely advertised, information was informative, and even in Latvian. There was huge number of inscriptions in Latvian in the science center, as well as audio guides. And here a question arises – how many museums in Latvia are able to provide information in native language to our nearest neighbors?
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