Tour in Estonia: Häädemeeste – Kabli – Treimani

Tour in Estonia: Häädemeeste – Kabli – Treimani


There was a though to settle down in Estonia west seashore with look on a sea, so that when you open your eyes for the first time in the morning, could see a sea. In the Internet I found a place with name “Astronautics” (near lived place Jaagupi, nearest city – Häädemeeste). Reading the description, in soviet times it was known like legendary rest place „Vzmorje”, where rested well known scientists and astronauts, and first woman-astronaut ValentineTereskova. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip  astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip

If we talk honestly, then from the past brightness, here has left very less. Big area, but those year building are faded, uncared and about those year astronaut being here (I mean, some kind of memory place or something) nothing presents. Cooperating with EU fond here are renewed just some houses in Nordic colors, and confined are with Randu meadows and wild grazing cows, horses and sheep. And here are nests from some rare birds.

astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip  astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip

I was disappointed that in Häädemeeste region wasn’t a good place to get near the water, seashore is grown with grass and very rocky, and shallow. If we wanted to go swimming, we needed to go little further to Kabli, where could climb up in usual surroundings area look place, as we could get a walk in the sand beach and go swimming (near the shore water was pretty warm). In the beach of Kabli we were surprised, that there’s Wi-Fi. There was surreal scene – in forest area, near the beach on wooden steps sat German tourist with Portable computer, and no other live beings.

astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip  astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip

Estonian roads

I was amazed that Estonian roads are good as tables, even smaller meaning roads. Not even talking about country meaning roads (in the way to Tartu and Pärnu), where speed limit was 110km/h. In Latvia, as we know, patch on patch, without any needle. Surrounding is different not just because of Northern type houses and their colors (bordo and white), but with farm-steads – practically not near every house wasn’t gardens with vegetables, but just good lawns.

Habitual is that, if there’s a village, there’s a church too. Practically we looked on every of them, even in place with Latvian title Treimani. In central house in the village is a pood (shop) and post office. Besides in the shop you can change glass bottles and plastic for coupon, which you can change for products or money. Pretty economical, isn’t it?

astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip  astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip  astronaut, Estonia, sea, trip

Getting back to our settle place “Astronautics”, we managed to grill meat on spits, because in the near house was all we needed, and we even managed to gather some mushrooms and make a good sauce. The most beautiful, of course, were the sundown, when sun went down in the sea.

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