33 years – The age of Jesus

33 years – The age of Jesus

The thought to lift the 33 year number bustled in my mind already before one year, but I would not pull the destinies moustache.  For all that in all Christian world there’s a percept about Christ age and known breaking point in every human life.  Furthermore this feeling wasn’t the cheering – you stand on that age doorstep and look, what has been done and what you should do further, judge, criticize yourself, if we speak in images then “you poke yourself in right heart auricle of the heart with a rusty nail”. Now, when this doorstep has been stepped over, as the saying goes, second breath has been opened, new projects, plans, life goes on, up and where she goes.

But going back to the mystic of number 33, I little bit explored from different science, pseudoscience and history spot, why this number seems so special to one or other person.

From Bible explorer evidence it’s know that in the age of 33 was crucified Jesus and in third day it resurrected from the dead, In Arabian 33, but in Roman XXXIII, very simple in orthography, 3 X and 3 I.

In numerology, counting both numbers together, there’s total sum 6, which is the number of love. In accordance with Nikomah (1.century after Christ) number is full, if its dividers sum, expect for the number itself, is equal with this number. The six dividers are 1, 2 and 3 (1+2+3=6). So full numbers are 6, 8, 28, 128, 496, 550, 336 and 33. Its formatting separate number sum and product always is 6, because this number is harmonic and balanced. Peace and steadiness shines from it.

It’s interesting, that if we explore this numbers connection with freemasons, then we see that in organization are maximaly 33 lodges (it depend on the founder country). And number 33 often is seen in freemason symbols.

Bible, Jesus, mason, number, numerology, Soloman, symbol, year  Bible, Jesus, mason, number, numerology, Soloman, symbol, year  Bible, Jesus, mason, number, numerology, Soloman, symbol, year

Images from Scottish Rite Freemasonry & Masonic Sourcebook & 33 Mysteries Home Page

In one of previously named source there’s explained this number meaning In freemason symbolic. Monarch Solomon temple stud 33 years and after that, it was fully destroyed. David ruled in Jerusalem 33 years. Human backbone consists from 33 segments. Number 3 is played in the meaning of mason triangle, 3 by 3, which forms number 9, which is the beginning number of divine tree.

Bible, Jesus, mason, number, numerology, Soloman, symbol, year

Solomon stamp

In physics by Newton scale is 33 degree temperature, in which drinking water is boiled. In this turn in chemistry element number 33 is arsenic (As), which, how we know, is very poisonous as for the mice, and for human.

Of course, we can go further and explore all the historical happening, or call up in society and history well known persons, for which 33 years were fateful (for ex., Latvian musician Martins Freimanis, Hitler beloved wife Eva Braun, argentine actress and Argentines president wife Eva Peron). But in which day or year something meaningful hasn’t happened?!

In the end intresting number matrix, in which counting together numbers vertically and horizontaly and cornerwise in sum we get number 33. 1+14+14+4=33; 1+11+8+13=33; 1+7+10+15=33 etc.

















Used sources:

Dzuls Silvers. Numerology – number magic and mystic. –R.: Jumava, 2006.


Wikipedia - 33 (number)

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I believe the age of Jesus has important significance because that is the age if vitality vigor and strength and He gave it to us do we don't have to age.
Theresa 2015-12-19 09:37
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