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    Book story is built on Media look on her lived life, which is full of loneliness and pain. It seems, that she choose this not so simply way to live it, because life, which in youth were ready to provide her parents, could be simple and easy.
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    Recently I read in Latvian language Catalonian artist, surrealist Salvador Dali single novel „Hidden faces” (2011). When you’re interested in art and literature it’s unavoidable, because like author himself says in the first sentence: „Every, earlier or later, fatally will face me.”
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    Before a year, when I bought this Radislavs Gandapass book, it didn’t even come in my mind, that this year I’ll have the happiness to be in his training classes in Moscow. At that time I was spoken by this book’s subtitle “Ten chapters about that, how to get and give maximal joy and pleasure, performing in public”, now fascinated authors ability to keep auditory attention for all day in maximal interest as with useful advices.
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    We want to read books, when it’s little bit sad and lonely. There begins conversation with authors made characters, conversation with an angel and a demon in yourself. The second verity is that we really don’t choose the books, but they choose us. The real book come like a sign, like answer on your questions, they come in the right time, when you can give to it enough attention.
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    Last time I chose two books - the first, browsing through it and from a few fragments of the book understanding that the book could be enough interesting; the other - feeling intrigued both by the annotation on the cover and the fact that the book could not be opened, because it was wrapped in cellophane. Then a thought came into my mind to observe how real people choose books for reading?
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    Starting to read OSHOS book “Joy” for very long time I cannot to get used to very many said thing and thoughts in this book. That book simply annoyed me. I thought, similar feeling could take over many readers, especially those, who know about Buddhism philosophy very less. However, under the spur of curiosity, I carefully explored this book, although through some kind of critical prism.
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