When I am at work, I light a candle; when I come home - I light a candle. When it`s dark outside, people instinctively yearn for and aspire to light. To natural light, not electric, to live fire, which has kept people warm since ancient times but candle light - since 3 thousand years BC. Nowadays we lit candles for creating the right mood rather than for physical warmth or seeing something in the dark. A lit candle is still an integral part of religious or magical rituals.

Consciously or unconsciously we perceive a candle and its light both as an indicator of homeliness and as a symbol, as well as a provider of warmth, togetherness, peace and strength. "Candle light makes us fall into our souls and shine from there. And other souls shine towards us from the inside. Life and the world are two large candles. Be blessed, dipper of big and small candles!" (Ojārs Vācietis, a fragment from the poem "Čaks II").

Nowadays we have learned to make this "soul heater" from different materials, giving it a variety of shapes, colours, meanings. Now briefly about some well-known or forgotten candle types.

Paraffin candles are the most popular, but they have several disadvantages. One of these is the fact that burning paraffin wax poisons the indoor air, releasing petroleum chemicals, as well as this type of candle put close to an object or a surface can form soot particles. Paraffin wax stains on the table or tablecloth are difficult to clean.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac  beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

The cheapest candles are the powder-pressed ones because they can be produced quickly and cheap, pressing the paraffin powder that looks like snow or sugar. Powder-pressed candles are always white on the inside but the colour is added only on the outside by varnishing or any other process. Rustic candles are not as smooth or as shiny as the power-pressed ones; you can feel the rough surface and see the many layers of paraffin. Very often paraffin pieces of different forms and colours are fused in them visually resembling pieces of marmalade.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac  beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

Stearin or palm oil candlesmade ​​from an ecologically pure product. Mat, splintered consistency, as if covered with hoarfrost. When it burns down, a thin, transparent layer remains in which a pattern similar to ice-flowers is visible. It is very easy to clean palm oil candle from fabric by simply washing it.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac  beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

Beeswax candlespleasantly smell like wax, honey and propolis, so they can replace candles scented with synthetic oils which are now available in a wide range of supply. Beeswax candles are a completely natural product. Yellow colours, which can vary from darker to brighter. In addition, wax candles burn much longer than artificial paraffin candles. I have always associated such candles with the church, banquets and places.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac  beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

Gel candlesconsist of transparent paraffin gel that consist of gelled mineral substances, plastic and polymers. It is easy to put any decorative components of incombustible materials in it - petals, shells, coloured stones and so on. A big variety of colours are used in the production of these candles. Gel candles burn five times longer than ordinary paraffin candles and do not form soot particles.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac  beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

Nowadays grease candles are practically no longer produced but in the old times they were rather popular. For example, one of the methods - take 450g of alum, 450g of ammonium nitrate, dissolve in 2 litres of water, add 5400g of grease (e.g., beef) and cook on low heat so that grease wouldn`t become dark. Then the wick, which used to be a spun flax yarn, is soaked for several times in melted grease so that it adheres to it in layers and shapes a candle.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiacbeeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

Soy candlesare made ​of natural soy wax (from soy beans), non-toxic, biodegradable. Burns twice as long as a paraffin candle.  Doesn`t cover the surface with soot.  In case of dripping the wax can be easily cleaned with soap and hot water.  Soy candles are very popular abroad but now are produced and available in Latvia. Usually they come in white or pale colours because natural dyes are used for adding colour.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac  beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

Now, buying candles, we can choose, knowing the effects and the fumes through the burning process. However, putting aside practical issues and focusing on more etheric things, let`s talk also about the colours of candles and their impact on our mood, activity and health. Now a bit about healing, mysticism and astrology, where the colour of the candle is believed not only to have a healing power, but also correspondence with each zodiac sign and even day of the week.

A red candle(Aries, dark red - Scorpio) symbolizes love, health and the realization of ambitions, as well as passion and sexual energy. Helps acquiring energy, physical power. This candle must be burned on Tuesday by people who have no confidence in their abilities, have lack of energy or spiritual strength.

A pink candle (Taurus) - helps finding the strength to forgive yourself and others. It awakens the conscience - encourages to live straightly and honestly, as well as helps understanding one`s emotional vulnerabilities. It promotes clarity of intention and may awaken the understanding of what a thing truly is. Must be burned on Friday - it will help to ask for forgiveness or heal the wounds of one`s soul. Burn a pink candle if you want to get to know yourself and understand deeper.

A white candle (Pisces) - the symbol of purity and power. It encourages the purity and clarity of thoughts and premises, stimulates balance and self-purification, as well as positive change. Interestingly, the white candle can determine when the negative energy of the room is cleaned - when the candle starts to smoke, it means that it will burn away the accumulated negative energy of the room. When the candle ceases to smoke, the room is freed from the negative energy. If you wan to harmonize relations with others, lit a white candle on Monday.

A black or brown candle(Capricorn) - possesses a powerful energy. It is very helpful at a time when people go through difficult emotional experiences - a divorce, a crisis at work. It is recommended to burn the black one together with white or yellow. A brown candle helps to throw light on what`s happening.  It is advisable to meditate next to a brown candle to find lost objects.

beeswax, candle, colour, light, paraffin, zodiac

An orange candle (Sagittarius) - a symbol of life and creativity. It can help attracting people, resources, animals and other things you want in your life. If you are waiting for the right acquaintanceship to come that would help you at your work or health, then the orange candle will be the right one to help you attract it. The orange colour helps preventing depression, as it enhances strength and energy, especially if it`s lit on Thursday.

A yellow candle (Sagittarius, golden - Leo) - strengthens the mind and gives strength to continue if everything is turning against you. Lit on Wednesday, a yellow or golden candle stimulates one`s activity of dreams and helps to understand them. Use yellow also at gatherings. For prosperity lit a golden candle on Sunday and don`t blow it out - let it burn out.

A green candle(Virgo) - encourages growth and movement, balances the energy of body and mind. It helps to get rid of financial difficulties, helps to understand the true nature of events, as well as stimulates fertility and juvenility. Lit a green candle on Friday to reduce stress or jealousy.

A blue candle(Libra) - helps to understand oneself, listen to what one`s subconsciousness says. It also helps to gain more confidence in people around and in everything else - more trustfulness.  In addition, blue candles have a particularly strong effect on children - they help to heal children. Lit a blue candle on Thursday and protect yourself against an evil eye and cursing.

A gray or silver candle (Gemini, Cancer) - activates one`s intuition, subconsciousness. Meditating next to such a candle helps to find a solution to a problem because the subconsciousness itself will lead to a way of starting something new. Lit this candle on Monday and bring peace at home.

A violet or purple candle (Aquarius) - symbol of spirituality, power and mastery. It encourages success, progress and achievements of spiritual desires. Meditating next to such a candle one can acquire inner peace. Lit a purple candle on Sunday and activate clairvoyance.

Believe it or not - maybe try?!

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