Yet another evening of documentary films. We watch online (I recommend - many good films about human psychology, history, science, technology, etc). This time about depression and overcoming it.

Which of you or your friends, colleagues have ever brought a sick-list to work, which would indicate that the person will not come to work for two or three weeks because of depression. At least I have never heard of such an occasion in Latvia. In addition, many do not consider it to be an illness but the weakness of a person, saying, he just can`t pull himself together pretending to be helpless.

depression, psychology, therapy

Probably I do not have to explain that signs of depression are apathy to everything around, lack of interest and a complete lack of motivation to wake up and do something. The will to shut away, staying in bed or apartment for days without contacting anyone. It sounds hopeless. In addition, depression may reflect not only on a person`s emotional well-being, but also physically - when something suddenly without any reason starts to hurt.

There are two types of depression - caused by an external events or conditions and congenital. The first one occurs when a traumatic experience has happened, a tragic event, etc. But the second type of depression is congenital; it has been recorded in the human genes and can be passed from generation to generation. The film was based primarily on the caveat that it is an extremely serious human disease of the 21st century and attention should be paid to it until it is too late. In addition, piles of different antidepressants are taken but is this the best way out?

depression, psychology, therapy

"Depression", 2001, crayon (Schmitt & Hall studio)

All of those tips that one should go to a psychotherapist, professionals are clear and understandable but how many people do go there? Here I am talking about Latvia, and not America, where every little detail is discussed with a family psychotherapist. We have been instilled to first of all be ashamed to admit our helplessness or ask for help; second of all, try to deal with everything ourselves because you yourself are the smartest one and, third of all, what will others think? So we walk around withdrawn in our own shells and deeper in the depression until there is no real interest in what happens with you or your fellow human being.

Oh, yes, also any accident - a loss of a relative, work or house is seen as a big, black dot to all.  Caps on the eyes and no way out. Even though it is just a part of every person`s life.  Oh, I liked this last statement - everything that happens to us is just a part of our experience.

But even this is not the most important thing that made me write this article, moralize and we all can give advice until it happens to us. My attention was mainly attracted by the ways one can get out of depression. Aside from medical intervention as electric shock; this is also used in case of deep depression or a prolonged work with a psychotherapist in his office. A tested technique is intentionally being awake for 40 hours and waling around - just a pointless wandering around the city. Moreover, at this time it is not allowed to sit at the computer or just stare at the television. The effect will be lost, if you sit down or fall asleep even just for a few seconds.

Another known technique to cure yourself from depression is to draw even if you don`t know how to. Take oil-colours, pencils, paper and draw, draw, draw, no matter what, and as long and as fully engaged in the activity as possible. Although it can be applied to any creative activity, which enables us to disconnect from the current situation, the surrounding world and the prevailing problems.

depression, psychology, therapy

An interesting type of group therapy (I heard for the first time), when all present, except for the psychotherapist, both sexes, completely naked sit in a circle in order to see each other and discuss their emotional and physical sensations caused by this situation. Obviously, here the emphasis on the indigenous interest for the opposite sex is put, an attempt to revive the human libido. As we know, one of the signs of depression is a complete frigidity and lack of interest for the opposite sex.

Other sources say that depression can be cured through physical exercise, dancing, with acupuncture, etc. The key is to find the most appropriate method. Similarly, as in other cases, there a heal-all does not exist. Well, we have the information, now let`s return to the search of our golden proportion!

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