London panorama - 80 GPixel

London panorama - 80 GPixel

While manufacturers of the digital cameras are fighting for megapixels, offering 5,7, 12 and even more megapix resolutions, skeptics are in doubt whether such high resolution images are needed. It is wrong assumption, that high resolution images are better in quality, but there are some benefits of course. For example – possibility to zoom multiple times not loosing image quality. However, zoom cannot be infinite, and cannot replace optical zoom while making photo.

High resolution image is not handy, because small details can be left unnoticed, when image is observed in small or limited in size monitor or on printout. Should take it into account also that if more megapixels in image, if larger it is in size.

In order such an image to be used handy, technologically minded people produced following experiment – made series of hight resolution  images by changing only optical zoom. As a result, they got gigapixel image. Of course, to reproduce such experiment, special equipment is needed. i.e. device able to rotated camera with predefined step (angle), automatically (and also predefined) change zoom settings.

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Record belongs to the London panorama, which consistes of 80 Gpix (flash):

Butapest, Dubai, flash, London, photo, piexel, pnaorama

The previous flagship - Budapest for 70 Gpix (MS Silverligt 4)

Butapest, Dubai, flash, London, photo, piexel, pnaorama

Dubai - 45 Gpix (flash)

Butapest, Dubai, flash, London, photo, piexel, pnaorama

How to made gigapixel images. Video:

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