Winter in the city

Winter in the city

This year the winter has been great.  This morning in Riga even the thermometer at the window showed-23C. Radio reported that in some areas the bar has gone down to -31C. I must say that winter is not my favourite season; the coldness does not inspire me to do any physical activities. Dressed in ten skins as an onion I walk from home to work and back. To some extent I must collect the last remnants of willpower to attend dance classes or some events in the evenings. I would rather sit under a thick blanket and just stare at one of the monitors - TV or computer`s, both equally catching.

Looking at it all through a prism of optimism, Latvia is fortunate that here you can enjoy the whole four seasons in all their glory. Traditionally, there are only three winter months - December, January and February - what`s not to outlive or over-winter! Moreover, a walk in a sunny winter day among trees and bushes covered with snow, ice-covered rivers, canals and ponds, where everything shines in silver is a real beauty.

Below, a photo gallery, which was created in a couple of walks here in Riga with a Nikon D200 in my hand.

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