What hand fingers tell?

What hand fingers tell?

Continuing theme about human body proportions, this time I’ll focus on details – finger and nail characterization. Although it all needs to be viewed together – both form, and flexibility, and color, and scanning, and proportion, primary several standard observations about finger types.

Hand finger types.

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Long hand fingers – intelligent person.

Short hand fingers – impulsive, impatient person.

Big hand fingers (1) – insistent person with slow thinking.

Foursquare and spade-shaped hand fingers (we focus on the tip of finger) – energetic person.

Hand fingers with thinner joint in the begging of nail – cautious person.

Conical, sharp hand fingers (3) – impulsive, with artistic tendency, in action very pedantic person.

Slim hand fingers – introvert person with ascetic character.

Corpulent and short hand fingers – egoistic person.

Crooked hand fingers - evil-minded, easy gets angry.

Meaty hand fingers without marked joints (4) – impulsive person, with quick reaction, quick thoughts.

Knotty joints (5) – thoughtful.

Big, wide finger joints – methodical, rational person.

Hand finger flexibility and agility.

Inflexible hand fingers – “inflexible” person, never gives in, saves traditions and habits, but marks out with enviable practicality.

Bent hand fingers, lightly bent in hand way – person has wise and observant nature.

Bent, inflexible hand fingers – cowardly, cautious, preconceived, tendentious in opinions.

Flexible fingers – person without preconceptions, little bit careless.

Bent and little bit put aside back fingers from the hand – person, who ignores lows and orders, loves to chat and is pleasant in companies.

Put aside and flexible hand fingers – open, curious person.

Nail form.

A – Short nails - energetic, curious, with good intuition gifted and logical thinking person.

B – Short nails – wider than their length – critical and short-tempered character person.

C – Wide, long nails with round end – person with bright common sense.

D – Long almond-shaped nails – calm person, with him it’s easy to live, dreamer too.

E – Very big and wide nails (practically four squared) – cold and egoistical character.

F - Wedge-shaped nails – too sensitive person.

body, finger, hand, human

Nail color.

We focus exactly on hard part of the nail, which covers flesh

Typical white, pale – cold, self-satisfied and egoistical person

Brightly pink– warm and accommodating character person

Red – person with wild temperament

Bluish – unhealthy person (physical or mental).

Hand finger scanning for the hand.

1.       Hand fingers usually closed tightly and inflexible together – cautious, suspicious, closed person.

2.       Similarly placed hand fingers – balanced, right-minded person with chances to get success.

3.       Hand fingers typical separated one from other – habitual and freedom loving person.

4.       Big separates between all hand fingers – opened, honest, loyal, almost childishly naïve person.

5.       The biggest separate between thumb and point-finger – generous, charitable person.

6.       The biggest separate between point-finger and middle finger – regular thinking and practically hard-shell person.

7.       The biggest separate between the middle finger and ring-finger – without worry about future, light-headed person.

8.       The biggest separate between ring-finger and little finger – person with original, sometimes extraordinary thinking.

9.       Little finger separated from other fingers – there’re difficulties in personal contexts with other people, independent and hostile person.

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Thanks for the interesting information
Vislov 2012-09-21 09:54
So basically, the more attractive your hand, the more "important" and positive qualities you possess.

I don't think this is wisdom. I think the accepted name for this type of thinking is "eugenics".
quinn 2014-06-22 22:06
So in other words, the more attractive your hands, the "better" a person you are?

I don't think that's called wisdom. I think the word you're looking for is "eugenics"...
quinn 2014-06-22 22:07
Wow very helpful
Website design company 2015-04-16 10:29
All this is 'magic happens-crystals-and-pyramids with herbs and incense'.
FFS what has nail shape have to do with your personality or expectancy in life? Hope nobody's taking any of this seriously.
kreid 2016-01-10 04:25
Yea, ok, no.
nowayjose 2016-09-08 08:19
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