What human hand tells?

What human hand tells?

Arranging my old notes, I found my old hobby – human body proportion researches and how they reflect humans inner-world, character, tendencies, shows  heredity and progress chances. I need to apologize already about ilustration qualatity, because they come from different magazine cutting and book dublicated materials, which were collected and described in quantity.

Hand types.

body, character, finger, hand, human, palm

1.Elementary. Thick, wide hand with short fingers. Slow thinking person, probably, with tendency  to „hard” character, where physical has control of mental.

2. Foursquare.Foursquare hand with courpulent, straight fingers. Practical, conventional character, hard accommodate to scene change, opposite of intellectual person.

3. Heartshaped.Heartshaped hand with straight fingers. Ambitious, energetic, independent, but not so gifted intellectually.

4. Phylosofic.Wide hand with strongly knotty fingers. Logical and coutious person, with tendency to think a lot, intravert, rather analytical than creative.

5. Artistic. Long, flexible hand with slim fingers. Sensitive, creative person, rather impulsive than methodic.

6. Idealistic.Soft hand with very long fingers. A person like this is far from rought reality, dreamer, mystic, esthete.

Finger position in hand.

body, character, finger, hand, human, palm

A – Smoothly situated fingers – positive person with developed common sense, person, which advance in life easily.

B – irregulary situated fingers – this persons life is like a battle, there are victories and losses, regular inner alarm.

Low situated forefinger – shy, uncertain person, who inner feels better than the others.

Low situated ring-finger – person, who suffers failure in choosing his career, have to do a job, which isn’t suitable for his talant and abilities.

Low situated little finger – nothing comes easily, to have succeed in life, this person needs to struggle.

Hand area.

Every hand area relativly respond about some humans life sphere. Studying these areas – which of them is more typical, which has special signs, scars, nervation, rougness e.t.c. – we can lost in thoughts about that, what realy is going on in humans course of life, on what we can put on some attention.

body, character, finger, hand, human, palm

A – Inner active area. Related to close, intime friendship and sexuality.

B – Outer active area. Shows relation with society and connection with outer surrounding world.

C – Inner pasive area. Related to subconsciousness.

D – Outer pasive area. Energy and creative potencial.

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