Vasiljevs Collection exhibition Rīgā- From war to a calmness 1940. -1950 years of fashion.

Vasiljevs Collection exhibition Rīgā- From war to a calmness 1940. -1950 years of fashion.

The fifth consecutive year, and again with a new period fashion collector and historian Alexander Vasiljev displayed his collection Decorative Arts and Design Museum in Old Town (admission for adults, Ls2,50). The previous decades and their fashion was far enough away from modern to me, take the clothes only admire them and make lots of prints to admire about them. But this time was much more critical view of the exhibition, taking into account the fact that 50 is the kind of our parents' childhood, youth and a certain stage in the aftermath could be pretty close.

Immediately understood that the term 1940. -50, the view that there are fashions Vasiljev R European (mostly in Paris), the United States, United Kingdom of Great Britain and its colonial fashion, rather than what you can remember from Riga fashions post-war Soviet years. The black-and-white film about Latvia’ s so oddly at variance with the same time significantly fashion exhibition exposure, dominated by luxury Karan, 's formal evening gown and actresses dress, excessively flowers pušķotās cap, a bright golden shoes and semi-precious stones decorated handbags.

Interestingly, the concept of the year fashion within the framework of this exhibition is limited to young girls or ladies' dresses and accessories – bags, hats, gloves, goggles and shoes. While there is no possibility to see how in the years dressed gentlemen, children, elderly lady. It would be interesting to see what was then also underwear, tights or stockings, nightshirts, etc. Because that is what I think very highly displays a certain age dressing habits.

But anyway, his eyes and photographic lens was the feast. Here are some of the exhibition with exhibits with descriptions of them.

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