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    How come D&G (Dolce & Gabbana), because every self-respecting fashion couture hasits own oppinion about fashion progress? Choice is very subjective – I like everything, from clothing to accessory, perfume and never have made to disappoint in offered tendencies. Fashion, which is suitable for daily, but raises up from daily, allows to dream.
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    No, I am not talking about the sand sculptures that have already become popular in the Baltic States; it is something more flowing, instant and in constant motion. With just a few handfuls of sand strewn by chance on glass and with unusual finger movements a whole painting is created. It tells its own story because the contours constantly change and turn into a new form.
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    At the 1st of the month I will start a new life - I will diet more strictly, because the liberal tables of all the celebrations have added a couple of kilos to my weight; I will wake up half an hour earlier so I can have fresh, natural juice for breakfast; I will call my parents more often because they need my support; I will stop being stingy and buy that black evening dress I have dreamed about for a long time; I will compliment somebody every day and so on. Many of us promise ourselves to start something at the 1st of a month and with the beginning of the New Year. But maybe to change something in our appearances - for example, a new hair cut or colour?
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