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    Preparing for Easter at our house is in full swing. Today, we are paint Easter eggs in the old fashioned way - using peel onions and barley. To get Easter eggs more attractive and pattern, I had to donated two socks put barley into them and tied them in a bundle. When the dark red eggs where ready we proudly passed them to Easter bunny.
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    A practical guide, how to bend a bunny from a paper or cloth napkins, which can serve as an excellent design of the Easter table.
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    If you are going to prepare mostly cordial gifts for Easter or other festivities to your friends, relatives and acquaintanceship, then I have an idea – your own hand-made soap-sponge. Versatile, practically, with ingenuity and made with hand warmth.
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    Each house, each family has their own traditions they stick to when colouring eggs for the Easter table. Maybe it is time to try some other methods? This time I will not talk about the symbolic of eggs, nor about its belonging to the celebration of the spring solstice or Christian church; I invite you to share ideas how to make this holiday more colourful and attractive.
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