How to make a soap-sponge?

How to make a soap-sponge?

If you are going to prepare mostly cordial gifts for Easter or other festivities to your friends, relatives and acquaintanceship, then I have an idea – your own hand-made soap-sponge. Versatile, practically, with ingenuity and made with hand warmth. .

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What you need:

- Wool clew (orange, salad green, yellow and white colors);
- rubbergloves;
- soaps in various size and shape;
- Raffia, natural, juicygreen.

The manufacturingprocess isvery simple – wrap soapinwoolclew. As a basis may choose, for example, white wool and around rewind a yellow and green. For these kinds of soaps should not be used dark or bright-colored wool clew, such as, black, purple, red or dark blue, because they tend to paint and then washing yourself there is a risk of unwanted overtones. :)

Moisten wrapper a bit (for soap no to dissolve) in a hot water, soap begins toscum and thenremainsscrubbing by hand, until the wool gets relatively firm and closely surrounds the soap. Soap – sponge is practically ready, when it does not scum and has taken a soap form. Put iton the radiator to dry it for at least one day.

To make soap – sponge look more festive, so to say, to look like a gift, tie up themwithraffia. Of course, you can decorate even more colorful by affixing, for example, dry flowers.

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