An insight in the dance studio`s DUENDE concert Duende es mi vida

An insight in the dance studio`s DUENDE concert Duende es mi vida

Yesterday at the Riga Independent Theatre "Skatuve" the annual concert of the end of school year of the flamenco dance studio "Duende" took place. A variety of flamenco dance styles were presented on the stage - tangos, farrukas, sevillanas, alegrias, tanguillo, bulerias. In addition, the performance was so magnificent not only because of the colourful costumes, a good dance technique and the emotional sensations of the dancers but also a variety of dance attributes - castanets, fans, caps.

The show began with shadow theatre or a flamenco dancer`s silhouette and graceful movements. A new feature was the dance Solea, which was performed by Ilvija, Aija and Arta, dancing with "tails" - long, typically Spanish, wide flounce skirts (bata de cola). Dance performances were altered with guitar sounds played by Niks Ancs and even with poetry readings of the famous Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Dancers with different experience levels performed - there were dance teachers, dancers from the very foundation of "Duende" in 2004 and those who were for the first time on stage ever this year. Even though the first dances were still a bit insecure and rigid, all the dancers loosened up in the second part of the concert and the climax was reached at the last dance bulerias, when playfulness and lightness prevailed and also willingness not only to follow the dance steps, but improvise as well.

It turned out that even the youngest dancers could perform the joyful sevillanas, who were as capable of performing the moves as experienced dancers. Theathre`s "Skatuve" actors Lienīte un Artūrs also took part, enacting a small sketch from the show "The ingenious lover".

Overall a very nice and inspiring event. More photos in the gallery below.

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