Flamenco Skirts

Flamenco Skirts

I want to share my positive experience in ordering flamenco dance skirts from Spain. As a result, I saved both my time and resources and within a month received a coveted property. On February 9, on www.flamencista.com web site I ordered dance skirts and on March 10 I received notices from the Latvian Post Office that I may receive my parcel.

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Fundamental service benefits:

- On Flamencista web site there are no prepared skirts for sale with specified dimensions, whose variations is quite limited judging by other dancewear web shop supply, but it is sewed by individual size. When ordering you can specify the waist, hip circumference and skirts length. As a matter of a fact, receiving and trying on the skirt, I convinced that they are the size-fits like a glove.

- The colorand fabric pattern palette is quite wide; therefore, when ordering the skirt, you can create color combinations yourself, such as; the base material is the same color, but flounce or flounces - in another.

- I was informed by email of the ongoing, on receipt of the order, on the money order receipt, and the work-up and implementation schedule. I even received an E-mail letter from the individual consultant, who stated that the order will be carried out in the best way and that I can contact directly with him, if I have any additional questions. In a word - "I am here to help!"

- You can pay from PayPal account or by credit card. I used the second. Fee for paying by card was only LVL 1,-.

- In drawing up the bill, the website had the option of choosing the country and immediately see the shipping costs to Latvia (it was 19.95 Euros).

- Skirts need at least 6m thick uncrushable polyester fabric (price at least 5 - 7 LVL/meter), let alone seamstress services. Adding up all the costs that would be here in Riga by sewing a skirt, I realized that I have saved up money and most important my time and energy, explaining to the seamstress, what and how I need.

Lets have a dance. Olé! :)

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