Modern jazz dance performance "LOVE"

Modern jazz dance performance

Yesterday, 14th of March, music and dance plasticity intertwined in an hour-long performance in the Small Hall of Daile Theatre.  The concert consisted of two parts - in the first part one was able to listen to four song of the band 'Martin Confused" but in the second - watch nine dancers performing "LOVE" with the choreography of Liga Liberte.  The latter was an attempt to show love in its most noble, most divine expression.  In the application of the show love was not discussed as something between two people, a woman and a man, but as the love for God, for the divine within us - "Love is art... art is beauty... beauty is the true journey of the soul... journey of the soul is the truth... truth is what we believe in, belief .... I believe in love...”

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Unlike the classic production or its interpretations, the modern performance, besides a premiere, allows for every viewer to find something for themselves, hear and see the closest and most topical note distancing themselves from the critics' reviews, dance technique advice from the professionals, even the ideas of the makers of the show. Now in a few words I will tell about the emotional background this performance left in me.

From the very first dance accompanied by Sigur Ros`s song "Ti Ki" a visual picture was created that lasted for the whole length of the performance - summer rain hits the asphalt, an outdoor café with awning, where couples, singletons, loved, left, broken by sorrow, the ones taken over by the joy of life and intimacy - different people with different fates. I - an observer.

Bodies move, quick steps, constantly walking in puddles, sudden looks.  Am I alone in this town, this world or is there someone always with me who protects me? An inner strength, a light that allows the cocoon to turn into a butterfly.  It can be called God.  When you have found him in yourself, accepted yourself, you can look at the other and fall in love with the God that exists within this person. Butterflies aspire to light, people aspire to love.

I thank you, God, that I met him on this dusty road! Now love as a refreshing rain washes all the worries away and the hole in my chest is replaced with light.  The wind sings about it, the resonant voice of the gypsy.

But it is not easy to protect love, God within.  A black hole wants to pull you in a whirlpool of apathy, selfish thoughts and rush, rush, rush.  Steps passing along the street, along the puddles.  Would anyone notice if suddenly a table in this café became empty without anyone sitting there?

But the light protects, keeps the chest warm and butterflies fly in the sky.


The performance was approximately 30 minutes long but at the end it seemed that I could watch and listen again and again. It was too short.  The plasticity of the dancers was unbelievable - I also liked the selection of music. 

The choreography was designed as a mixture of the individual performance in a group, each performing a different move that compliments the performance of the other.  All this was viewed as a whole and not as an individual experience, feelings. Maybe it`s better this way because concentrating only on the individual and the inner monologue makes you ignore the world around you.  Anyhow a person interacts in society and only with interaction can love for our closest ones be expressed.

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