Surrounded by feelings in the film "Besieged" (1998)

Surrounded by feelings in the film

Film Besieged (1998) for gourmets where a successful composition of visual and audible paintings is expressed. Therefore, in stead of an exciting story it attracts with its music, rhythm and display of subtle emotions. A house that brings together two very different people - African Shandurai (Thandie Newton) who studies medicine in Italy and is a housekeeper in this house, where she also rents a room; Mr. Kinsky (David Thewlis) - a lonely English pianist, musician, composer and piano teacher, the owner of the house. The story is out of place and out of time. This house and these people could be anywhere where they would be doomed to become close and feel a kindred spirit.

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The makers of the film seem to ask a question - how far would you go to give up yourself, your current lifestyle, wealth, occupation, etc. to get closer to the person you love, to show your feelings? Mr. Kinsky sells everything, even his professional piano Steinway grand piano, to ransom Shandurai`s husband from prison without setting any rules but hoping that she will respond to his feelings with love. How much would you do to make your loved one happy? Maybe not with you, just happy ...

But without moralizing, it`s worth seeing because of the details - feel the layer of dust on the many statuettes, figurines and plaster heads, heavy tapestries on the walls and the floors, creaky boards underfoot, the scorching sun on the patio and through the old wooden window shutters, blooming tree aroma in the courtyard garden, a sliced melon on the table, verdure on the copper rails, cold stone stairs, the virtuous touches of the fingers on the ivory pale piano keys.  The music - supple, tender, classic, melancholic, sad and rhythmic, bold, lively ...

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