The 3rd Exotic Dance Festival "Magic Carpet"

The 3rd Exotic Dance Festival

For the third summer already we visited Madona where an Exotic dance festival took place in the premises of the recreation centre on July 31.  A big thank you to Sandra from "Mantigra" for the enthusiasm to organize such events.

I must say that each year the event becomes more organized, diversified and attended. In addition to traditional belly dance choreography as oriental, saidi, tribal original pieces and different mixtures of styles were performed.  Several gypsy dances and improvisation with Spanish, Moroccan, Brazilian, Indian dance styles.

Overall, viewers were able to watch 39 performances, with 63 dancers participating, and about 10 different dance styles.  There were representatives also from Estonia belly dance school. In fact belly dancing came into Estonia sooner than in Latvia (here only about a decade ago) and the performance in a way differed in the sense of movements and the choice of elements than the domestic performance.  I liked their dance with a combination of fan kerchiefs, that left an surreal impression and an illusion of a constant air-flow.

Well-elaborated and mesmerizing movements of Elina`s tribal dance - the flexibility of a snake. I want to also mention Santa whose movements were full of energy and a true sense of the dance flew from her.  Watching her performance, I thought that there was a woman dancing who loves her body, round hips, belly, everything, super!

Dance studio "Malika" from Daugavpils had a lot of show elements, richness, dance style and costume diversity. 

The choreography of the dance studio "Oriental Ladies" was very interesting using mirrors - something previously unseen. Their costumes were very corresponding to the image of the women of the see.  The youngest participant was only 10 years old but her performance, which was mainly done with her hair, was very viewable.

Dancers from the dance studio "Haidar" (Valmiera) had modern dance features and a diligent work on the development of the choreography.  Leader Evija had thought also about the artistic part of the performance.  With the eyes of a non-professional it seemed that the choreography was well-organized, so to say - team work.

In addition Dana or Black Pearl stood out with an individual performance, original music and choreography.  She performed a self-elaborated dance accompanied by Sting`s "Desert Rose".  The professionalism derived from many years of experience was undeniable in addition with grace from ballet classes and a developed plasticity.

There is no point in describing it in detail - you have to enjoy the dance and movements with your own eyes.  We took home a couple of hundreds of photos.  Here some of them that spoke to us.

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