Let’s make some haddock

Let’s make some haddock

Feeling inspired from Martins Ritins broadcast “What could be better than this?”, where you could know about original fish, today we made haddock. It is white meat fish and comes from Iceland cold and deep waters. Not cheap and fat, but very tasty.

For haddock making we used:

·         Chilled haddock packet (900g)

·         Salt

·         Black pepper

·         Olive oil for baking pan greasing

·         Sour cream

·         Parmesan

·         Milled red pepper

·         Dried tarragon

·         Fresh pepper

·         Spring onions

1. Step. I need to tell you at once, haddock we made for the first time, and it was like some kind of challenge. So, at first the haddock we put to unfreeze for 1-2 hours in cold water.

fish, haddock, recipe

2. Step. We cut in long slices, rolled them and stocked these rolls on wooden spits. Fish spits we put on greased pan and sprinkled some salt and pepper.

 fish, haddock, recipe

3. Step. In other bowl we put sour cream, grated Parmesan, milled red pepper and dried tarragon. This sauce we poured on fish spits.

fish, haddock, recipe

4. Step. In heated up oven baked 20 minutes, then sprinkled with spring onions and different pepper. In this meaning I want to tell, that we eat not just with mouth but with eyes too. That’s why food needs to look colorful and juicy. Three color – yellow, red and orange – peppers gave this effect. We put it in 10 more minutes.

 fish, haddock, recipe

5. Step. Haddock spits we served with greens and fresh cut tomatoes. With it you can drink Greek yoghurt or Riesling wine, how you like.

It was very tasty, juicy and not fat food for Sunday evening at home. Visual side you can judge you too!

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