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  • Created: 2009-01-24 20:25, Views: 9161
    Flamenco - a mixture of traditional Spanish dance and music that can be found in more than 50 different stylistic derivatives. Flamenco is usually performed accompanied by a guitar and percussion, the rhythm is emphasised also by clapping of hands or palms and castanets.
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    At the 1st of the month I will start a new life - I will diet more strictly, because the liberal tables of all the celebrations have added a couple of kilos to my weight; I will wake up half an hour earlier so I can have fresh, natural juice for breakfast; I will call my parents more often because they need my support; I will stop being stingy and buy that black evening dress I have dreamed about for a long time; I will compliment somebody every day and so on. Many of us promise ourselves to start something at the 1st of a month and with the beginning of the New Year. But maybe to change something in our appearances - for example, a new hair cut or colour?
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    Monaco in area aspect is second smallest country in the world after the Vatican and one of the densely lived – approximately 33000 inhabitants on 1, 95 km2. It’s in France Riviera, between France and the Mediterranean Sea, near Italy. Monaco name is known with Formula 1, Monaco Grand-Prix event, because they’re going in city streets, where normally are going people and driving cars. Photo you can see lower – fastest stage, slowest turning.
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    Dance as a physical activity, also as a developer of posture, balance and movements, as well as the creator of bodily freedom, relaxation, inner and outer peace. Many women have chosen them to keep themselves and their body in shape. Belly dancing is not a partner dance. It is one more aspect for a woman of any age, any profession, married or unmarried, despite her body proportions, could freely surrender to the dance, develop her body.
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    A very nice even took place on July 12 in the recreation centre of Madona. Dance studio "Mantigra" in cooperation with the City Council of Madona organized the first Exotic Dance Festival.
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    It is true that you either fall in love with Venice or don`t accept it at all. I think that the first one happened to me.
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