A self-made broach - flower

A self-made broach - flower

Today I got inspired to make a flower, which could be attached to clothing and revive it by adding some "edge" to it. I will introduce you to an already tested recipe, how to make a unique accessory from simple materials and make a frivolous flower broach.

Materials needed:

- organza fabric
- fine thread with a corresponding colour
- pearl needles
- string of pearls or pearls
- broach`s pushpin
- scissors
- burning candle.

accessory, adornment, broach, fabric, flower, homemade

I chose a cornflower-coloured organza, e.g. a popular curtain fabric and cut from it 9-10 differently sized circles for each flower. Then on the burning flame I scorched the sides of each circle, which then crinkled a bit and leaned to one side, also by scorching the fabric is protected from coming undone. Then with a blue thread I sew each scorched circle in the middle, one above the other, from the largest to the smallest.

The decoration of the centre followed. I sew goldenly yellow pearls in the centre of the first flower with a pearl needle. The second flower - a convolved string of pearls. In addition I coloured the sides of the second flower in a bronze colour with a fine brush. At the end I sew the pushpin at the back of the flower with the same colour thread. So take a look at what I`ve made!

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