The Sitar

The Sitar

Musical instrument, which is simmilar to guitar, but sound is full of oriental colorit. Single accessible information about in Latvia about this wonderful Indian instrument, is that with the sitar oriental world introduced Ravi Sankar and J.Harison from „The Beatles”.

Anoushka Shankar - melody spell bounded, I made my mind to research this musical instrument closer.

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Sitar – many string Indian musical instrument with saturated, orchestred sound. It’s name comes from Turk language – „Si” – „seven” and „tar” – „string”. So in base it’s composed of 7 strings, but there are from 11 to 13 resonant strings too. Exactly these resonant strings gives to the sitara it’s beautiful sound, which is different from other string instruments.

guitar, india, instrument, music, sitar

The sitara in nowaday visual conception appeared in India in 13 century. Many string instrument with long neck, in which in upper end added from pumkin made sound isolator. The sitar richly was decorated with mahogany and ivory. Strings were strumed with special mediator, which was put on middle finger.

About the sitara and it’s popular performers -Ситар

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