Female horoscope – Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

Female horoscope – Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

cancer, female, horoscope, june, woman

Making love (in this word real meaning) asks very hight consciousness level, in which looses self-control, for wich comes enthusiasm, full surrender and extazy. Although Cancer, whenever is doing whatever, anyway wants to hold upper hand over others, to dominate and control them. This attitude comes in in conflict with sexuality. In Cancer sign born woman doesn’t like to show her feelings and emotions, because a attitude like that, in her opinion, means capitulation. She has very sensitive body, especially brest, lower back and lower back of the head, under the hair. She wants to pleasure only herself, that’s why frequently she sees only instrument for her passion satisfy in her partner. This woman excellent know how to understand those who she sees like love game partners.

In bed she is tended to agressive, easy to excite, shows initiative and gladly wants to play the leading role. If someone disappoints her, in sphere, which is involved whith intime life, with double energy she goes to professional or social activities. She’s very ambitious. She can come happy, If she understands, that in sex, needs to not just take but give too.

Popular Cancers:

cancer, female, horoscope, june, woman  cancer, female, horoscope, june, woman  cancer, female, horoscope, june, woman

Pamela Anderson (01.07.)                           Meryl Streep (22.06.)                         Jessica Simpson (10.07.)

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