Woman horoscope Leo (July 24 – August 23)

Woman horoscope Leo (July 24 – August 23)

horoscope, Leo, women

In the base of her individuality is nonconformity between her sexual tendency and sex appeal. First character is low developed to her; second high developed and in a second attracts her attention. This woman knows that she is attractive, and men try to conquer her, cheers her up and satisfies her vain show. She plays with men, not knowing the real meaning if this game, because she doesn’t feel sexual tendency. This woman likes to subordinate man, she very well knows her attractiveness and tries to bring it out, not looking on it, that she doesn’t feel strong sexual desire. Generally she like to make love and she pretty easy can get satisfy, but refusing from more or less extravagant positions in time of sex, can come about, that the haircut isn’t messed out.

She isn’t interested in sex, like you could think from the first sight. All her life men think about this woman that, what she really isn’t, and many of them are disappointed.

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horoscope, Leo, women  horoscope, Leo, women  horoscope, Leo, women

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horoscope, Leo, women  horoscope, Leo, women  horoscope, Leo, women

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