Woman horoscope – Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Woman horoscope – Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Happy is that, who love her and gets loved. In human history it’s hard to find more gorgeous and beautiful being. She adores sex, so as consistently admits and properly just monogamy – loyalty just for one partner. Her readiness for love plays don’t depend as not for day hour, as not for place, not other things. She doesn’t want to get attention from others, but can make love even in extraordinary situations. This woman is ready for different unusual doings and experiments, if it is in intimal condition, and she’s not worried about some complex. Love plays, in her view, never lose its first-time attraction, and her emotions aren’t in conflict with mind, her loyalty to her partner, she always tries to show with simple gesture and soft caress. If she hasn’t a partner, she can’t get over it, because adores togetherness, caress and warm.

horoscope, Virgo, woman

Rejecting, these woman tenderness ways, you can easy hurt her. Reject she counts as way of hate, although understanding, that to men, it could be overwork result, which is caused by keen of sex. To her, it’s hard to understand, because she never feels to much erotically impulse caused tiredness. In one time she can be pretty good housekeeper, woman and beloved, mother. She’s absolutely loyal and belongs just for one partner, so that’s because she can treat intolerant, if partner has a need and wish to keep contacts with many woman once.

Popular Virgo:

horoscope, Virgo, woman  horoscope, Virgo, woman  horoscope, Virgo, woman

Cameron Diaz (30.08.)                       Greta Garbo (18.09.)                                   Sophia Loren (20.09.)

horoscope, Virgo, woman  horoscope, Virgo, woman  horoscope, Virgo, woman

Virginia Madsen (11.09.)                     Claudia Schiffer (25.08.)                      Nicole Richie (21.09.)

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