Sonya Hartnett „Ghost child”

Sonya Hartnett „Ghost child”

This book, how prosaically it wasn’t, talked with just because visual formatting and format, because about his author from Australia I didn’t know very much about. Visually this book seemed like something from P. Coelho, and theme in the back of this book, seemed very interesting. Story about woman Media, who in her life looked for an answer – what is the most beautiful in the world? Book is good for carrying around, so I read it in couple days.

book, love, novel, pain, women

Book story is built on Media look on her lived life, which is full of loneliness and pain. It seems, that she choose this not so simply way to live it, because life, which in youth were ready to provide her parents, could be simple and easy.

It seems that even she has made her pain theory.

“ .. That you have bad news means that you’re alive, so there’s no need to offence.”

“If you think only about what causes pain to you, your mind shows mercy, build up a white box, where you can hide.”

Media has travelled around the world, seen many things, amazed and collected around herself things, which are saved and can bring up amazing feelings, when human touches beautiful.

“.. Things help to remember lived life. In time many things change, many fades out. And that’s why, it’s good to look on something, which was there, in past, and still is the same. You look on this thing, touch it – and feel, it’s the same as it was then, when it became so important.”

But human isn’t a thing, which you can have and it doesn’t change. Human gets old and changes his world outlook, years and experience does what they need to do. In my opinion, Media hasn't got on with that, and she always has wanted to keep that, what you can’t really keep. Could this be loved Spalvis or youth, or parents, or beautiful look on the sea, where flies sea eagles. In result she loses everything and stays again alone, so never met the one person, which could be there till death.

Reading this book, prevalent feeling is sadness – as for protagonist baby lost and beloved person going away, as about cruel life going and destiny, which in old age can leave alone in dark room, as about there isn’t a shoulder where you can cry on, when it’s very sad. The last one, in my opinion, is the most important, because it helps to get on after everything. Media didn’t have near contact with her parents, so she could just talk about everything, so as she didn’t have a good friend, as beloved man, who could stay with her, not looking on that, that she was amazed about practically not reachable blue sky with Peace land.

book, love, novel, pain, women

Dawe Matthews photo – seems like one fragment from book, when protagonist Media all alone, went to sail in ocean, to look for Spalvis.

So thinking about it, this book seems to fit a reader – to woman. Media lost trial could be better known for women, not just because men a little bit not so sensitive or not able to understand the tragically things. But the choice, which makes Media, when she goes sailing all alone in the ocean, looking for Spalvis and talking with wind, as the suicide try after Elf lost, is better understandable for women.

Although Media in her best part of her life materializes in professional sphere, becoming for good oculist, but the feeling doesn’t leave me that this stays as the story about unhappy woman.

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