Woman horoscope – Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Woman horoscope – Libra (September 24 – October 23)

She is opposite strength victim. Physical satisfaction, which gives sex, she feels very strong, but mental, can’t admit this trade not about good, and not even get satisfaction from it. In time of love plays, she doesn’t know how show initiative, it, in full time, needs to be in partners side, besides, his impulses as can get agreement, as can fail – it depends on partners mood. She doesn’t like talks about themes, which are linked with sex, because she doesn’t know how to say what she feels. Outer she never shows, that she could be excited or could want to have a sex, doesn’t give signals and information about her sexual mood. Making love, in her opinion, doesn’t touch higher feeling emotions, it, to her, gives truly physical satisfaction – it has truly hedonic nature.

horoscope, Libra, women

She hates heighten softness, sentimentality, delicate – she just doesn’t feel this love game atmosphere. After passion full love night, she is able to act like there didn’t happen anything: no gentle word, career or smile. She carefully needs to choose her partner – worst fits Capricorn, but the best – Virgo and Scorpion. To her greatest enemy is she self.

Popular Libra:

horoscope, Libra, women  horoscope, Libra, women  horoscope, Libra, women

Brigitte Bardot (28.09.)                 Catherine Zeta-Jones (25.09.)                      Heather Locklear (25.09.)

horoscope, Libra, women  horoscope, Libra, women  horoscope, Libra, women

Gwyneth Paltrow (28.09.)                            Sarah Ferguson (15.10.)                            Suzanne Somers (16.10.)

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