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  • Created: 2015-05-05 20:17, Views: 2240
    For 30 from April until 10 May in Riga at Rainis monument erected a tent, igloo dome by anyone free of charge, which could come and get acquainted with the European Space Programme focuses on Earth.
  • Created: 2013-08-27 20:17, Views: 2225
    The previous decades and their fashion was far enough away from modern to me, take the clothes only admire them and make lots of prints to admire about them. But this time of the exhibition was rather more critical.
  • Created: 2011-08-22 22:23, Views: 3408
    Riga just celebrated its 810 birthday witch concerts, fairs, knight tournament, retro cars debts, salsa marathon, regatta, pilot demonstrations and many other interesting for visitors happenings. It seems, that the celebration culmination wasn’t fireworks, as it was for many years, but key of Riga city teeming, for 52 763 other keys.
  • Created: 2011-08-19 22:56, Views: 2704
    We went to New art museum of Pärnu, which was interesting to me before, when I found it in the Internet chaplin.ee, there’s every summer happening – international exhibition “Man and woman”. This year it was already 18 this like exhibition with title “Man, woman and electricity”, where with their works were 39 artists from Estonia, France,Denmark, Sweden, USA, Chile, Finland and Belgium.
  • Created: 2011-08-17 18:25, Views: 1862
    There was a though to settle down in Estonia west seashore with look on a sea, so that when you open your eyes for the first time in the morning, could see a sea. In the Internet I found a place with name “astronautics” (near lived place Jaagupi, nearest city – Häädemeeste). Reading the description, in soviet times it was known like legendary rest place „Vzmorje”, where rested well known scientists and astronauts, and first woman-astronaut Valentine Tereskova. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
  • Created: 2011-08-16 21:57, Views: 1941
    To be honest, the main reason, why we went to Tartu, was because to visit the science center AHAA. This place was found in widely advertised visitestonia.com, information was informative, and even in Latvian. There was huge number of inscriptions in Latvian in the science center, as well as audio guides. And here a question arises – how many museums in Latvia are able to provide information in native language to our nearest neighbors?
  • Created: 2011-08-09 11:12, Views: 1458
    Saturday was very warm, so we thought that we could go to look on Old Riga not getting through tourist crowds, but from canal of Riga and waters of Daugava. Before it, we looked through canal wooden boat place kmk.lv with map and getting in in Bastejkalns.
  • Created: 2011-08-08 19:20, Views: 2051
    I have always been interested in, unless time travelling, then at least imagining how concrete place looked before century or two and how could it look in the future. I just took my camera and went to center, so I could take some photos with Riga streets, buildings and squares and little bit later to compare with in Letonika data base found history photos.
  • Created: 2011-07-26 19:34, Views: 1321
    When I accidentally found article, I was enjoyable surprised, that so well-known world famous singer will perform here in Latvia and tickets are just for 3 Ls. Of course, they’re bought, and not looking on cloudy sky and worry about rain (concert is expected under free sky), in Saturday evening we went to Renkis garden in Ventspils.
  • Created: 2011-07-19 18:52, Views: 6063
    Table cards in every event form main meaning, are needed, that could get some kind of order and organization. Easy, those event visitors, guests to the table or separated tables could arrange in logical order. Especially it’s important, if event is for big visitor number. Placing table cards, it needs to be a note, that there need to be interest groups, cognate links, social and familiar positions, as it for sex. It’s long time ago, when it was known, that ladies and gentleman sit by turns.
  • Created: 2011-07-16 19:05, Views: 2098
    Like we were planning, today we went to Decorative art and design museum in Old Riga, where is collection exhibition of Alexander Vasiljev „From mini to maxi. 20 century 60’s fashion”. There weren’t too many people, so we could see, read and take photography calmly.
  • Created: 2011-07-04 21:50, Views: 927
    Summer solstice wonderfulness, as it could be, associates with being in nature, in countryside, far from city hurry, noise, hurry. Going on white, graveled countryside road, finally get your eyes up on blue-white sky, hear bird songs, take a deep meadow flower aroma breath, and feel, that with your body is taking a rest your soul too.
  • Created: 2011-06-29 17:59, Views: 1227
    In the beginning the South Africa interested me just for one tourism object – penguin colony near the Boulders beach, now there’s one more relevant aspect – wines.
  • Created: 2011-06-05 18:48, Views: 1356
    Returning home from the concert, we concluded that the camera's memory stored in the 1500 shots. We had to take some time to select any of the best and the best of the best. Girls' costumes and graceful postures beat each other, but now judge yourself, and judge them below in the attached photo gallery.
  • Created: 2011-06-05 18:39, Views: 2419
    Concert consisted of 17 dance performances. Multiple flamenco styles were performed by girls from Flamenco club Duende – tangos, seguiras, tientos, alegrias, tanguillo, caracoles, guajiras, rumba and sevillanas. Guest dancer Sofia rejoiced us with farruka and Anda with modern improvisation. Alternating the Spanish rhythms, visitors were able to enjoy Argantine tango and supple pair dance performed by Karlis and Dace, Aigars and Ginta.
  • Created: 2011-06-04 23:55, Views: 975
    For many yearsour hobby is to collect penguins. Collection is formed from penguins, made in different styles and techniques. We buy them, they are presented, and we create them ourselves.
  • Created: 2011-05-29 01:17, Views: 949
    A short overview to concert „Baile y emociones”, organized by flamenco dance club DUENDE in Latvia, Riga 2011.05.28 Part one. Personalities.
  • Created: 2011-05-17 19:45, Views: 14791
    How come D&G (Dolce & Gabbana), because every self-respecting fashion couture hasits own oppinion about fashion progress? Choice is very subjective – I like everything, from clothing to accessory, perfume and never have made to disappoint in offered tendencies. Fashion, which is suitable for daily, but raises up from daily, allows to dream.
  • Created: 2011-05-15 13:00, Views: 1021
    I don’t know how it’s in France, in the place of origin Museum night, but in Latvia this activity happens to be in bird-cherry and chestnut tree bloom time. Breath of Spring is in the air and people are moving along the Rigas streets, especially along the Old-Riga, they’re looking after new impressions, new connection, new information.
  • Created: 2011-04-24 21:40, Views: 1515
    Chardonnay is the most popular white grape breed in whole world. It pretty good can accommodate different climatic conditions and soils, and gladly submit different transformations and wine maturation processes, therefore it has earned popularity between vine cultivators, winemakers and consumers.
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