• Created: 2009-06-07 21:43, Views: 1160
    I - iinuu - also registered one on May 9 this year at www.gravatar.com. But later when I proudly announced to my friends that I also have an avatar on the web, many of them answered - nice, but what does it mean? So now about avatars.
  • Created: 2009-04-26 21:47, Views: 2026
    "Feria de Abril" - Spring Festival that is annually celebrated in a southern province of Spain - Andalucia. This festival is especially popular in Seville, where flamenco parties last for days and everyone`s dancing sevilliana. Also the traditional bull fights and horse-trading takes place there. Spanish culture in its most popular forms - hot-blooded music, flamenco dancing, sincere discussions.
  • Created: 2008-12-17 20:38, Views: 103621
    Everything that we wear or put on our necks, fingers, arms, legs, heads, has not only a functional but also a symbolic and even a healing meaning of attracting various types of energy. This time about the ring that traditionally is a symbol of completeness, safety and fullness.
  • Created: 2010-04-28 23:18, Views: 9795
    Once, for some project I had a need to create small YouTube. Actually, ability to view video in the web providing skip forward and rewind ability. Especially such functionality is necessary when viewing long video in order not to wait until all video file is loaded.
  • Created: 2011-04-17 15:10, Views: 865
    Constant is a name of simple value (number, text), which should not change during code execution. Constants are case sensitive, and good programming style requires use them in uppercase. Besides large number of constants coming from php engine, there are “magic” constants which value depends on where they are requested.
  • Created: 2011-05-12 21:55, Views: 51759
    Does it really have significant performance differences between Windows 7 32 bit version and 64 bit version? In reality, OS loading speed as well as software launching time is what regular user mainly notices first. It is more specific to notice and benchmark performance improvements in applications and games while this performance differences is not measured in tens of percents.
  • Created: 2009-01-02 23:05, Views: 2446
    At the 1st of the month I will start a new life - I will diet more strictly, because the liberal tables of all the celebrations have added a couple of kilos to my weight; I will wake up half an hour earlier so I can have fresh, natural juice for breakfast; I will call my parents more often because they need my support; I will stop being stingy and buy that black evening dress I have dreamed about for a long time; I will compliment somebody every day and so on. Many of us promise ourselves to start something at the 1st of a month and with the beginning of the New Year. But maybe to change something in our appearances - for example, a new hair cut or colour?
  • Created: 2009-01-19 19:21, Views: 0
    Musical instrument, which is simmilar to guitar, but sound is full of oriental colorit. Single accessible information about in Latvia about this wonderful Indian instrument, is that with the sitar oriental world introduced Ravi Sankar and J.Harison from „The Beatles”.
  • Created: 2009-01-24 20:25, Views: 8857
    Flamenco - a mixture of traditional Spanish dance and music that can be found in more than 50 different stylistic derivatives. Flamenco is usually performed accompanied by a guitar and percussion, the rhythm is emphasised also by clapping of hands or palms and castanets.
  • Created: 2009-03-03 22:02, Views: 0
    Interest about this science or pseudoscience (who like how) caused a broadcast in television channel “24TEXHO”, where English phrenologist talked about this theory birth history and shortly introduced about it. In any case, it is one of forms how person can better find out himself and other people, to quess his predisposition to one or other case.
  • Created: 2009-10-04 18:34, Views: 3453
    Sevillanas is the first flamenco dance style which I started to learn in Spanish dance studio "Duende". Of course, you have to start with the most basic moves, acquire the posture, hand movements, counting of the rhythm and then the steps. The classes are organized in small groups; thus it is easy for our dance teacher Ilvija to pay attention to everyone individually, correct mistakes and follow the performance. The hour scheduled for each class passes by unnoticed. Now something more about sevillanas itself.
  • Created: 2010-08-25 16:53, Views: 8634
    It seemed interesting and highly relevant, therefore, I created a compilation from different sources with ten life principles of each of the twelve zodiac signs. I allowed myself to adjust and highlight the most suitable for each sign.
  • Created: 2011-04-09 02:27, Views: 5225
    Positive changes occurred on very popular in Latvia social network – draugiem.lv not only in design, but also step forward was made and social widget using iframe was created for web pages, to be inserted into the blogs or other webs. It was possible to fetch followers using javascript in json format, but as news design was applied, it suddenly stopped to work. And here it comes - new code using iframe.
  • Created: 2013-09-25 21:26, Views: 1822
    More and more often information space appears in the cases where one reason or another, payment by bank card or the mere fact that a user belongs to a bank card, could lead to any of the only surprise. Although on the basis of common sense and on the basis of the bank advertising, has formed the notion that the payment by bank card is secure, in fact, as evidenced by recent events, is a very real possibility of being without money.
  • Created: 2008-07-13 17:57, Views: 1969
    A very nice even took place on July 12 in the recreation centre of Madona. Dance studio "Mantigra" in cooperation with the City Council of Madona organized the first Exotic Dance Festival.
  • Created: 2008-08-01 10:21, Views: 0
    Monaco in area aspect is second smallest country in the world after the Vatican and one of the densely lived – approximately 33000 inhabitants on 1, 95 km2. It’s in France Riviera, between France and the Mediterranean Sea, near Italy. Monaco name is known with Formula 1, Monaco Grand-Prix event, because they’re going in city streets, where normally are going people and driving cars. Photo you can see lower – fastest stage, slowest turning.
  • Created: 2009-02-07 23:18, Views: 4773
    By this, I would like to clarify how to write countries, languages and currencies in short form. Especially it is important when working in international projects or with software components where these standards are used. For example, how to you think what is 3 digit code for country Latvia? – LAT or LAV? Correct answer is LAV, because LAT is language short form.
  • Created: 2009-03-07 12:51, Views: 1269
    nclude – is a php construction, allows to include some code located into external file into existing one. Bencmarks shows, that require_once is up to 4 times slower than require. Searching google, you can find different figures and measurements, sometimes contradiction. Some ideas hot to speed it up are described in this article.
  • Created: 2009-05-01 00:07, Views: 1102
    I associate tango with a rather intimate interplay of bodies. Body-wise, not spiritually. A dance that can be danced on the street, on the pavement, next to a cafeteria, next to a gutter, for curious eyes, despite oneself, a partner or someone who`s watching.
  • Created: 2009-05-06 21:38, Views: 25454
    As the title already says, the story is about how the external application (which this time will be written in PHP) can take action with Skype. Operation range is quite impressive. This time we will use the chat procedure - message sending and message.
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