Loving family movie about penguins

Loving family movie about penguins

Movie „Mr. Popper's Penguins” (2011) we watched in Multikino t/c Riga Plaza at once, in the second day of its opening night in Riga, just because of protagonists – 6 gentoo penguins. In the beggining, I was worried that this is going to be an easy movie, because protagonist Real Estate Broker is Jim Carrey (I’m not his fan). But luckily it’s rally good movie and even Carrey jokes were pretty good. I think years are good for him.

children, family, Jim Carrey, movie, penguin, USA  children, family, Jim Carrey, movie, penguin, USA

Movie is good as for the adults, as for the children (I thinks so because of the reaction of this movie visitors). The first ones were attracted by family feelings, the second ones – the loud and naughty penguins.

Movie story is based on USA children book author Richardand Florence Atvateru work with the same title in 1938. Of course, story characters are shown in nowadays and in story are children and parents relations, already from the beginning. Mr.Poopper father is explorer and far land traveller and very rear is at home, but then there’s an accident and he dies in Antarctica. But from it, for his son, already grown up, he sends his last present – penguin, later there are already 6 of them.

children, family, Jim Carrey, movie, penguin, USA

Mr.Poppers makes the same mistakes, as his parents did, divorcing from his wife and two children, which he meets just one time per week. But this accident with penguins makes the family back together, looking back on value scale, in which there’s a place for family, egoisms and ability to understand it.

A little bit idealized (like all American movies), but it is a nice movie!

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