Amaya – in translation from Japanese means “night rain”. Some monotone, delicate, but it seems that never ending rain theme penetrates whole movie. Hong Kong like always in fog and cloudy grey.

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This evening we watched it, and I suggest it to you too. While watching movie “Amaya”, there were three kinds of feelings: in the begging very realistic environment and human relation reflection, story and personage sketch; then Oriental culture typical thin and practically imperceptible symbols – rain behind the window, which reflects in Amaya’s face like endless tears, clock ticking, which frigidly counts human life moments, wind mill, which this time are moved by ventilator, not hill wind etc.; And at the end emotions and feelings – stinging fatality feeling, sadness, satisfaction, hurt and love.

Movie, not mentioning some amusing and full with humor episodes, doesn’t leave entertaining movie impression, but makes to think about it, look on yourself and peers in movie characters. It scares, how much in life can mean even the most unimportant CHOICE, for example, between phone call to order massage in hotel room, and phone call to volunteer to study in massage course. The choice to talk loud or to keep silent; choice to adjust or stand on your opinion. Which is the right, which is the fateful, but which doesn’t take you anywhere?

And, how painful and whole life like heaviness in chest we carry NOT SAID WORDS. Either they were “Stay!”, “I quit”, “I love you”, “I forgive you”, “Forgive me”, it doesn’t matter, in all good relationships they are very important, it doesn’t matter in which language who talks.


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